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Review for 2nd Midterm

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Terry Biggs

VulcanGreek god of fire and smitheryHesiods works and days Good to BadPrometheus bound Bad to Good Zeus is all powerful but is clueless Prometheus knows whats upPrometheus gave the people technologies for them to use firePrometheus tells Zeus that he wont escape his destinyFate and Destiny are greater than ZeusIovirgin princess daughter of Inahcus daughter of a river has a dream and wanders off Zeus wants to mate with Io so he hides under a cloud Before Hera approaches Zeus turns Io into a cow Hera gets it as a present Hera asks Argus 100 eyed monster to watch over the cow Hermes is sent by Zeus to come down and slay Argus But before he does he plays a lyre to make it drowsy then slays his head off Io is driven mad and flies all over the world She lands in Egypt where Zeus impregnates her just by a touch She gives asexual birth to Epaphos touch Hermes has secret access to knowledgeOuranos and Kronos were overthrown by the youngest sonPrometheus SecretAnyone who sleeps with Thetis will bear a son stronger than of its maker Thetis sleeps with a mortal man and gives birth to AchillesPrometheus UnboundHerkales sets Prometheus freePrometheus the Firebearercelebrated in Athens as a cultural heroAchilles the Greatest of the Trojan WarZeussky godmost important godsthunderbolts made by CyclopesTheogonyPrometheus vs ZeusMust provide xenia great hospitality before revealing your identityZeus sleeps with Europe virgin bull who bears the kings of CreteZeus sleeps with Danae locked in a cave in the form of a rain shower who bears PerseusZeus sleeps with wife Alkemene who bears HeraklesZeus sleeps with Leda in the form of a swan who bears HelenZeus sleeps with Ganymede who was snatched by Zeus eagleHera Junomost prestigious goddessmother of Hephaestus and AresPoseidon Neptunesea goddessmarried to Amphitrite trident symbol indication of his strength he sacrifices animals that are hard to control and tamebrother of Zeus Pegasusa winged horse Aphrodite VenusOuranos testicles land in ocean and is bornshe is a titanher bird is a dovemarried to Hephaestus but cheats with Aresmost beautiful femalepatron goddess of Romemother of Erosa paradoxAres Marsgod of violent war and bloodlustborn only child from Zeus and Herahas an affair with Aphroditehated by all gods and menHestia Vestavirgin sister of Zeusfirst and last born born first but vomited out of Kronos lastrepresents the perfect virtuous women Demeter Ceres and Persephone Proserpina also known as Koreyoung girlmother daughter dyadHades Disunderworld guardepithetKATABASISdescent to the underworldseen as a heroic achievement Homeric Hymn to DemeterAetiological mythcycle of the seasonspower of female fertilityreligious cultEleusian Mysteriesmystery cultsecret ritualshonors Demeter and PersephoneEleusisKeleos and Metaneira1 son named Demophoon nurse of DemeterMetaneira violates mortality Persephonethe slim ankled daughterepithetsign of her beautyHades abducts Persephone into the underworldPersephone was picking a narcissus flower and snare like Pandora and captured into the underworld on a chariot Zeus gave Persephone away to Hades Idoneaus Demeter is taking a human child Iampi and trying to make it immortal Elyuses is the temple where this is happening Metaneira saw the secret ritual of trying to make the son Demophoon immortal Demeter is an epiphany when she reveals herself as a god Hepaty comes down to the underworld holding a torch searching for Persephone Zeus sends Hermes down to the underworld to get Persephone backPerseus sends down Iris rainbow to cheer up Demeter but failed Persephone swallows a pomegranate seed sperm seed from Hades Since she ate it she has to stay down in the underworld for 13 of the year Demeter disguised as an old woman Rheia is Demeters mom and is sent to get Demeter to end the famine and let the crops grow Hecitygoddess of the underworld and associated with the moonPersephone rises from the underworldHepity gives Persephone tools to rise out of the earth Persephone was abducted and she got awayPersephone becomes queen of the underworld because she does decide to marry Hades Bride of DeathPersephonePersephone becomes Gamos marriage when she eats the seedAncient Greek MarriageExogamous took a girl away from a home Virilocal bride went to live In her husbands home1Eggue BetrothalArranged between girls father and her future husbandArrangement of being given awayParthenos maiden virgin unmarried girl stranger to new household1Ekdosis Actual ritual of giving away of the brideNymphe bride1Gamosmarriageconsumption on wedding nightdefloweredGyne wife woman mother of sonsThe Female HeroinePandora is a negative model of a womancontrast with Persephone and Io who are positive modelsBoth are virgin girlsBoth are in nondomestic luminal spaceBoth undergo a radical transformationKatabasis for Persephone metamorphosis for Io human to cowPersephones story gives humans hopeIos story gives birth to a Hero for humansApollo Phoebus and Artemis DianaParents are Zeus and LetoLeto cant find a place to give childbirth because of HeraEileithyia goddess of childbirth bribes Hera with a necklace in order to see LetoLeto gives first birth clinging to a palm tree to Artemis who is born fully grown and assist in the birth of her twin brother ApolloArtemis is the person called upon when children are being bornArtemis Io Persephone are virgin goddessesApollo was born at Delos and renames his birthplace Demoswhich was the place where the treasury of the Delian League was before it became Athens Delos was a temple that was known for the wealth of ApolloApollos journey of slaying a dragon Python and establishment of cultcentre site at Delphi Pythomeans rottingPython undergoes Pythos rotting once shes deadZeus and Apollo both slay dragons who represent female divinity Zeus slays Typhoios in Theogony Pythianame given to the priestess who overlooks The women of PythoApolloaristocraticthe goddess whos known as very wealthygoes to Olympus from the Earth Apollo is the leader of the Muses and leaves them to entertain the gods on OlympusOracle at Delphi is a Panhellenic siteApollo killed the dragon Python with his bow and arrow which are his weapons Killed him to get at a water drinking sourceHera gave birth to Typhon when she was mad at Zeus for giving birth to AthenaHephaestus was crippled because Hera threw him in the sea Athena looked after Heph once thrown into the waterZeushas a pattern of anger and withdrawalHera wanted to bear a child stronger than Zeus so she prays to Gaia and OuranosHera is a big threat to ZeusOnce Hera gives birth to Typhon she gives it to the she dragon Python to care for itApollo changed himself into a dolphin Delphis to escape the island of Crete and caused a great storm in the sea He aboards a ship and beams of light start coming off him when he transforms back to human He tells the crew to not go back to Crete and instead go to Delphi where he promises it will become very wealthyEpithet for Apollo is to be far away Apollo shoots a bow and arrow from a distanceHomeric Hymn to Apollois about taking a journey and slaying a dragon named Python and establishment of cultcenter at Delphi Moral of the storymaintain justice from the heart or else the Gods will smite youApollo and Artemis Divine TwinsApollo Phoebus and Artemis DianaParents are Zeus and Leto A daughter of Titans
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