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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2300
David Lamari

CLASSICS 2300 CLASS NOTESSurvey of Greek History and Greek Sources of Evidenceth 4 century BC 400301 Ages of Greek Historyo 30001200 BCMinoansMycenaeans o 1200 750 BCDark Age o 750 480 BCArchaic Age o 480 323 BC The Classical Age o 323 30 BC The Hellenistic AgePalace Cultures Bronze Ageo 30001200BC o Minoan and Mycenaean civilizationso No literature surviveso Destroyed c 1200BC o Only known folk tales now Dark Age Iron Ageo Homer sang songs about old kings but got a lot of the facts wrongo Set in the bronze ageo Homer 1200750 BCArchaic Ageo Archaic means earlyo Beginning of the Greek culture Art Olympics language etco PolisPopulated by independent cities had their own coins education system etc Had limited contact between these citieso Colonization 750550Greece began to flourish however farm land was bad so they started kicking people off the land These people began scattering around the Mediterranean and found places with good farm land Classical Erao Repelled the Persian invasion and began the classical era 480479 BCo Built drama as an art formo Height point for their culture o Peloponnesian warWar between Athens and Sparta which tears apart the Greek world Never really recoveredo Alexander the Great conquered Persiao The death of Alexander marks the end of Greece Hellenistic era 32330 o Greek culture spreadso In all countries that Alexander the Great conquered the language used was Greek Greek drama art athletics etco By 30 all of those countries had been taken over by the Roman Empire Sourceso Primaryanything from the ancient world archeological written etc Literaryauthor explaining something Problems with thiso Written by aristocratic men nobleso Casual commentallusiono Greek vs Romano Objective vs subjective InscriptionsPapyriOn gravestones Paper that was very popular in Egypt and since Egypt was so hot and dry they never became moldyo Letters contracts lists etc Art and archaeology JugsPottery Paintingso Secondarywhat modern scholars say about primary sources Sports and Athleticso Athletics Athlon prizecompetition where there is a prize at stakeo Sport Disport to amuse or divert oneselfentertainment for the spectatorso Greek Olympics were an athletic competition First to say this instead of just pure entertainmento Arete means excellence reaching ones potentialo Greek athletics and Arete Mesopotamia and Egypto Wrestling archery chariotso Poem mentioned wrestlingo Egypt pottery depicting archery and chariotso Sport or athletics NUDITY AND EQUIPMENT Athenian black figure in pottery ABFAthenian red figure in pottery ARF o Very durable figures imbedded in clay Tondoinside of a vaseAthletic nudityo Gymnikos agonnaked competition Agon means a struggle then becomes a gathering
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