Classics 3rd Midterm Picture Sheet

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2300
Charles Stocking

rd Classics 3 Midterm Picture Sheet Philip II of Macedonia Phillipeion (#3) at Olympia More Phillipeion Even More Philippeion Alexander during lion hunts (dedication by krateros at Delphi) Funeral games of patroclus on Entruscan Vase Entruscan Vase (570—560 BCE) Funeral Games of Patroclus Naked athletes = greek influence Tombs of the Augurs, ca. 520 BCE - Also depicts funeral games (Men boxing on side) - Located in tarquina (men interperet bird signs in order to predict will of gods = Augurs) Non-nude athletics (Entruscans) • Perizoma Group: – Greek Vases with naked athletes, with Perizomas painted on them afterwards. Northern Interior of Arch of Titus - Emperor titus is dressed as jupitar with goddess nike behind chariot Southern interior of Arch of titus Beast Hunts - -Spoils from the Sack of Jerusalem in 79 CE Nobility vs animals Amphitheater at Pompeii Arming slaves to fight in war People and nobility Coin commemorating Sulla Felix (Left to right) Sulla, Pompey and Ceasar Remains of theater of Pompey Augustus of Prima Porta - Clothed yet still has muscular
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