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thFeb 29 Roman Chariot RacingAuthor of little blue book writes in a somewhat dense manner dont focus on memorizationNote Romans did not have horseback riding never of interestMore written about chariot racing than anything elseRoman Chariot RacingFavourite type of entertainment for the RomansCircus MaximusReferred to a circuit where horses would raceCM was the largest circuit but not the only one in RomeEmperors had private circusesoMassive dimensions made it improbable for anyone else to have oneFirst literary references to the Circus Maximus are dated to 600 BCoEarliest legitimate sport the Romans hadConstant innovations and changes applied to the Circus MaximusoJulius Caesar added special tiered seatingoAdopted son added box seatingBest box seats were in the Emperors villa at one end of the stadiumoHovered over the stadiumoHowever the Emperors made a show of attending the game physically had their own seating in the stadiumAlways free to get in seating had to do with your status separated by senators equestrians etcoenough seating for 1000 senators but there were only 600 senators maximummay have been a show of how important the senators wereAnecdote you werent supposed to eatchew in publicAugustus said to a guy publicly eating in the stadium when I want to eat I go home The guy retorts When I go to eat no one steals my seat
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