Classical Studies 2301A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Numa Pompilius, Roman Law, Roman Kingdom

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Intercession means i forbid it , otherwise known as veto". Just as athenians saw their laws as beginning with draco"s laws and solon"s laws, Romans understood their laws to have begun with the twelve tables, from about. 450 bce: they were not superseded until justinian"s codification of 528-34 ce. Consuls : while all roman magistrates with imperium were also military commanders, they increasingly took on administrative duties in rome, the praetor was largely responsible for the justice system, and he appointed judges. In 1861 in verona, scholars discovered a palimpsest of his institutes, which were his lecture notes from 160-161 ce: other important jurists included aemilius papinianus (active from 194 and died in. 212), domitius ulpianus (active from 202 and died in 223), iulius paulus (active throughout the first half of the third century), and herennius modestinus (active throughout the first half of the third century) Law of citations, which made the written opinions of papinianus, ulpianus,

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