Midterm 1 Review

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

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Midterm 1 Review5 Things for the Oresteia o Title Oresteia or Aeschylus OresteiaIndividual plays are the Agamemnon The Libation Bearers and The EumenidesUnderline the titles when handwriting o Authour AeschylusMay see other correct spellings occasionally including Aiskhylos which is a more direct translationFought in the Persian wars o Date first produced in 458 BCEDates important for relative chronologyFew decades after the Persian wars o Location first presented the Oresteia in Athens o Language written in ancient Greek and specifically in the dialect of Attic Greek which was the Greek of classical Greek5 Things for Criminology The Basics o Authour Sandra WalklateBritish criminologist o Date first edition 2005 second edition 2011Know dates because historical context matters
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