Lesson 8 Textbook Questions

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson Eight Part B. 1. Arist (best)/o (linking vowel)/cracy (rule by); EM - rule by the best; MM - highest class 2. Micr (small)/o (linking vowel) /bio (life, living organism) /logy (study of); EM - the study of small living things; MM: science that deals with mircorganisms 3. Micr (small)/o (linking vowel)/b (life, living organism)/e; EM - a small living organism; MM - a bacteria usually causing disease 4. Dem (the people)/o (linking vowel)/crat (power, rule)/ic (characterizied by); EM - rule characterized by the people; MM - a type of government that gives the majority of power to the citizens 5. Ge (the earth)/o/metry (process of measuring); EM - the process of measuring the earth; MM - a type of mathematics 6. Soph (wise)/ist (person concerned with)/ ic (characterized by); EM - person concerned with or characterized by being wise; MM - clever but fallicious 7. Tele (far away)/scope (instrument for observing)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by an instrument used for observing far way; MM - capable of magnifying distant objects 8. Psych (the mind)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by the mind; MM - ability to read somebody’s mind 9. Chron (time/o/meter (instrument for measuring); EM - instrument for measuring time; MM - instrument used for measuring time in various temperatures, humidity, etc. 10.Chron (time)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by time; MM - a condition that is ongoing or lasts a long time 11.Phil (loving)/o/soph (wise)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by loving the wise; MM - the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existance 12.Micr (small)/o/cosm (order, the universe); EM - a small universe; MM - a miniature version of a community or place 13.Cosm (order, the universe)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by the universe; MM - gigantic, huge 14.MM - of or relating to the universe 15.Cosm (order, the univers)/etic (characterized by); EM - characterized by order; MM - superficial 16.Cosm (order, the universe)/os; MM - a system of thought 17.Tele (far away)/metry (process of measuring); EM - the process of measuring far away; MM - transmit to a distant receiving set or station 18.Il (not)/log (word)/ic (characterized by)/al (characterized by); EM - not characterized by a
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