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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson Nine Part A 1. Auto (self)/bio (life, living organism)/graph (write, record)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the action of writing or recording one’s life; MM - a book or writing about someone’s life, written by the person who it’s about 2. Auto (self)/crat (power, rule)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by self rule; MM - of or relating to a ruler who has absolute power 3. Andr (man)/o/gyn (woman)/ous (full of); EM - full of man and woman; MM - partly male and partly female 4. Gynec (woman)/o/logist (someone who studies); EM - someone who studies women; MM - a doctor who specializes in the reproductive organs of a woman 5. Phil (loving)/anthrop (human being)/ist (someone concerned with); EM - someone concerned with loving humans; MM - a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others 6. Anthrop (human being)/oid (having the form or appearance of); EM - having the form of appearance of a human being; MM - resembling a human being 7. Crypt (hidden, secret)/o/graph (write, record)/er (someone who); EM - someone who writes or records secrets; MM - someone who writes or solves codes 8. Crypt (hidden, secret)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by a secret; MM - something that is hard to understand, something written in code 9. Anti (opposite, against)/micr (small)/o/bi (life, living organism)/al (characterized by); EM - characterized by being against small, living organisms; MM - a substance that is made to kill or eliminate microorganisms or bacteria 10.Epi (on, upon, after)/grammat (something written or small weight)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by being after something written; MM - clever, amusing 11.Helic (spiral)/oid (having the shape or appearance of being spiral); EM - having the shape or appearance of being spiral; MM - having a spiral shape 12.Ep (on, upon, after)/onym (name)/ous (full of); EM - full of being on a name; MM - (of a person) giving their name to someone 13.An (not, without)/onym (name)/ity (state, quality, action); EM - the state, quality or action of being without a name; MM - not having a name 14.Ant (opposite, against)/onym (name); EM - the opposite of a name; MM - a word opposite in meaning to another 15.Syn (with)/onym (name)/ous (full of); EM - full of with a name; MM - a word meaning the same as something else 16.Eu (well, good, pleasant)/logy (study of); EM - study of being well; MM - a speech given about someone at their funeral 17.A (not, without)/path (feeling, suffering)/etic (characterized by); EM - characterized by being without feeling; MM - not caring about something 18.Path (feeling, suffering)/os; EM - feeling, suffering; MM - quality that evokes sadness 19.Psych (the mind)/o/path (feeling, suffering); EM - the feeling of the mind; MM - someone who is mentally unstable 20.Tele (far away)/path (feeling, suffering)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the state of feeling far away; MM - the communication of ideas or thoughts involving means other than the five senses 21.A (not, without)/phon (voice)/ia (state, process, condition); EM - state of not having a voice; MM - loss of the ability to speak 22.Phon (voice, sound)/o/logy (study of); EM - the study of the voice; MM - branch of linguistics that deals with systems of sound 23.Sym (with)/phon (voice, sound)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the state, quality or action of being with sound; MM - composition of different elements (favorably) 24.Eu (well, good, pleasant)/phon (sound, voice)/i/ous (full of); EM - full of good sound; MM - pleasing to the ear 25.Phos (light)/phor (carry, bear)/esc (beginning to)/en (ing)/ce (act of); EM - the act of beginning to carry light; MM - something that glows 26.Phot (light)/o/phobia (the fear of); EM - the fear of light; MM - sensitivity to light 27.The (a god)/o/crat (rule, power)/ic (characterized by); EM -characterized by the power of God; MM - a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God 28.Mon (single, one)/o/the (a god)/ist (somebody concerned with)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by somebody concerned with one God; MM - the worship of only one God 29.Pan (all, every)/the (a god)/on; EM - every God; MM
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