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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson Ten Part A 1. Archa (old, ancient)/ic (characterized by) - characterized by being old and ancient 2. Archa(e)(old, ancient)/o/log (word)/ic (characterized by)/al (characterized by); EM - characterized by ancient word; MM - concerning ancient or old artifacts or study 3. Archa (old, ancient)/ism (belief in)/s; EM - a belief in ancient things; MM - the use of old-fashioned styles 4. Aster (star)/oid (having the form or appearance of); having the form or appearance of star; MM - a small rocky body in space 5. Archae (old, ancient)/astr (star)/o/nomy (system of laws governing); EM - a system of laws governing old stars; MM - study of astronomical knowledge of prehistoric cultures 6. An (not, without)/chron (time)/ism (belief in); EM - belief in being without time; MM - a thing belonging to a period other than that in which it exists 7. A (not, without)/nom (law, rule)/al (characterized by)/y (state, quality, action); EM - a state characterized by being without rule or law; MM - something that is abnormal 8. Orth (straight, correct)/o/dox (opinion); EM - a correct opinion; MM - traditional 9. Para (alongside, contrary to)/dox (opinion)/ic (characterized by)/al (characterized by)/ly (state, quality, action); EM - state characterized by a contrary opinion; MM - self contradictory 10.Ne (new, recent)/o/lith (stone)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by new stone; MM - early time period 11.Pale (of long ago)/o/lith (stone)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by stone of long ago; MM - an ancient time period 12.Mon (single, one)/o/lith (stone)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by one stone; MM - a large, powerful, uniform organization 13.Mon (single, one)/o/lith (stone)/s; EM - a single stone; MM - a large, indivisible, uniform structure 14.Anthrop (man, human being)/o/morph (form, shape)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by a human shape or form; MM - having human characteristics 15.A (not, without)/morph (form, shape)/ous (full of); EM - characterized by no form or shape; MM - having no shape 16.Auto (self)/nomy (system of laws governing); EM - system of laws governing the self; MM - the ability to decide one’s own fate, having control over oneself 17.Peri (around)/odont (tooth)/ist (person concerned with); EM - person concerned with around the tooth; MM - science concerning the supporting and surrounding structures of the tooth 18.Orth (straight, correct)/odont (tooth)/ia (state, process, cond
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