Lesson 12 Textbook Problems

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson Twelve Part A 1. Ped (child)/agog (lead)/ic (characterized by)/al (characteristic of)/y (state, quality, action); EM - state characterized by leading a child; MM - of or relating to teaching 2. Dem (the people)/agog (lead)/ue EM - leading the people; MM - a political leader who seeks to please his people 3. Agon (struggle, contest)/iz (makes verbs from nouns)/ing; EM - struggling; MM - painful, a struggle 4. Ant (opposite, against)/agon (struggle, contest)/ist (person concerned with); EM - person concerned with being against a struggle; MM - someone who opposes somebody else or is the opposite or somebody else 5. Hept (seven)/arch (begin, rule)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the state of a rule of seven; MM - a country consisting of seven smaller states 6. Hier (sacred, holy)/arch (begin, rule)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the state of a sacred rule; MM - a system in which groups or people are ranked 7. An (not, without)/arch (begin, rule)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the state of being without rule; MM - without a system of government or set of rules 8. Arch(e) (begin, rule)/typ (impression, image, model)/e; EM - the image of rule; MM - a typical example of a person or thing 9. Mon (single, one)/arch (being, rule)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the state of a single rule; MM - a government with the monarch at the head 10.Penta (five)/athl (athletic contest)/on (noun ending); EM - five athletic contests; MM - an athletic contest with five stages 11.Tri (three)/kai (and)/deka (ten)/phobia (fear of); EM - the fear of three and ten; MM - the fear of the number thirteen 12.Hendeca (eleven)/syllab (syllable)/ic (characterized by); characterized by eleven syllables; MM - same as EM 13.Hexa (six)/meter (instrument for measuring); EM - instrument for measuring six; MM - a line of verse consisting of six metrical feet 14.Tetra (four)/logy (study of); EM - the study of four; MM - a group of four related works 15.Hebdomad (seven)/al (characteristic of); EM - characteristic of seven; MM - lasted for seven days 16.Pent (five)/a/gon (angle); EM - five angles, MM - a shape with five sides/angles 17.Hex (six)/a/gon (angle); EM - six angles; MM - a shape with six sides or angles 18.Tetra (four)/hedr (seat, chair, surface)/on (noun ending); EM - four surfaces; MM - a structure having four surfaces 19.Hier (sacred, holy)/o/glyph (carve)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by sacred carvings; MM - written characters usually found carved into a wall 20.Hol (whole, entire)/o/gram (something written or small weight); EM - something entirely written; MM - an image that is 3D 21.Hol (whole, entire)/o/graph (write, record); EM - the write entirely; MM - something written by a person named as its author 22.Cat (according to)/hol (entire, whole)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by or according to the whole; MM - including a wide variety of things 23.Orth (straight, cor
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