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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900

Livy and the EtruscansFebruary 7Livy Book OneOther ethnic groups mentioned by Livy o Sabines The Rape of the Sabine Women start populating Rome absorb Sabine race justified by the Romans as the right thing to do joint rule of Romulus and Tatius Two kings rise of non Romans into roman government very quick o Albans brought to Rome removed from their homelands and integrated into Rome legitimizing Romes actions o Trojans story that all Romans are descended from Trojans Aenius connection to heroic Greek past Romans mixture of Trojan settlers and Latins o Arcadia Evander of Arcadia is Greek shows influence of Greece on Rome Evander started Lycian festival later Rome Lupical o Corinth Demartus of Corinth more Greek influence introduced writing and pottery to RomeEtruscans and Romans3 of the Roman kings were supposedly Etruscans started with Tarquinius followed by two other Etruscan kingsLivy refers to this as rule by a foreign power conglomerated with Rome Physical aspects of culture that according to Livy come into Rome o Cural Chair official chair that magistrates were supposed to sit on o Lictors low level officials bodyguards for magistrates and consuls carried fasces root of fascism double headed shaftOther writers on the influence of the Etruscans o Strabo It is further said that the triumphal and consular adornment and in a word that of all the rulers was transferred to Rome from Tarquinia as also fasces axes trumpets sacrificial rites divination and all music publicly used by the RomansLots of cultural and political influence on the Romans from the Etruscans o Diodorus Siculus fl 6030 BCEThey were also authors of the dignity which surrounds rulers providing their rulers with lictors and an ivory stool
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