Comparative Literature and Culture 1020 Final: Comp Lit Terms exam review midyear

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St denis where kings and queens are buried. Amiens one of the largest free standing dome. Domas d"eglisia when rome was still pagan but there was stil a christian population churches that were on the second level of peoples houses. Underworld - in the odyssey and the aneid. 1 incontinence not as strong, often accidental, intellect was not included (adultery) 2 violence intentional but not as terrible. Diometes: cupititas he went past the straights on gibraltar. Brunetto latini cupititas he wrote in french and not in his normal language he was within. The message at the beginning of hell you read it too late and understand it too late and you have entered hell you sin without meaning to sin. The first level is hell is for the lustfull not the adulterys. Francessca and pablo were reading the stories on lancelot gallehault : was the person that god the adulteres together in the stories.

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