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Computer Science
Computer Science 1026A/B
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CS026a Final ExaminationDecember 19 2006 Page 1 of 20THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIOLONDON CANADACOMPUTER SCIENCE 026aFINAL EXAMINATIONDECEMBER 19 20063 HOURSNAME STUDENT NUMBER Question1202140 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 There are no cheat sheets books or other reference materials allowed for this examNo calculators cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted either49 50 TOTAL Out of 160 marksCS026a Final ExaminationDecember 19 2006Page 2 of 20Part ITrueFalseDetermine whether the given statement is true or false Circle your answer on this examination paper 20 marks total 1 mark each1Every complete Java program must contain at least one static methodaTruebFalse2Wherever there is state equality between two object references there must also be identity equalityaTruebFalse3The starting index position for an array in Java is 1aTruebFalse loop it is possible to have multiple Java statements 4In the initialization portion of a forexecutedaTruebFalse5In Java x20 and x20 provide the same resultsaTruebFalse6In Java ab is equivalent to abaTruebFalse7In Java class names start with an uppercase letter with the rest of the word being in lowercaseIf there are multiple words the first letter of each is also in uppercaseaTruebFalse8A method whose visibility is public can be referenced outside of the class in which it is definedaTruebFalse9In defining a new class you must explicitly define a constructor for that classaTruebFalse10The Object class in Java has a toString methodaTruebFalse
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