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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

Understanding IS Departments IT Departments and You  Understand the responsibilities and duties o More effective consumer o Obtain services, equipment and systems needs  Know IT functions to be IS-savvy o Better understanding of integration o Ability to raise and discuss IT issues o Better understanding of IT needs to support new initiatives IT Operations  Maintain the current IT infrastructure  Demands large portion of the IT budget  Delivery of service, maintenance, protection and management of IT infrastructure  Stability, predictability, accountability, reliability and security  IT professionals o Specialize in particular technology  Networks  Operating systems  Database administrators  Hardware  Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) o Collection of books providing framework of best practices approaches to IT operations IT Projects  Renew and adapt the IT infrastructure to keep IT working effectively in the future  Responsible for changing the production systems rather than maintaining it  May be funded from outside of IT department  IT professionals o Broader skill set  Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) o Developed by Project Management Institute o Provides accepted project management techniques and practices Using the Web  IT department o Supports the company’s website  Servers  Applications  Important role in delivering IT services  Internal service requests o Company’s Intranet website  Frequently asked questions (FAQs)  Web-based service request forms  Web-based applications  E.g. – help desk  Supporting external customers o Company’s internet website  FAQs  Customer support information  Company directory/contact information IT Department Responsibilities  Manage IT infrastructure to provide IT services by managing and protecting: o Information technology o Data resource o Systems applications  Develop and adapt IS and IT infrastructure Managing IT Infrastructure  Align activities and services with the primary goals and objectives of the organization o Facilitate business processes o Improve decision making  Assess new technologies to determine possible applications  Adapt infrastructure and systems to new business goals Managing and Protecting  IT infrastructure o Computers/servers and networks  Monitor  Tune  Repair o Systems outages are expensive o Respond to threats to infrastructure  Data resource o Threats (chapter 12)  Human error and mistakes  Malicious human activity  Natural events and disasters o IT department management of risk  Identify potential threats  Estimate financial and other risks  Specify safeguards  Help to determine level of risk to assume  Systems applications o Functional and cross-functional applications  E.g. – ERP, CRM, SCM Renewing IT Infrastructure  Create, develop and adapt IS  Create and adapt infrastructure o Computer networks, servers, data centers, data warehouses and data marts  Create systems infrastructures o Email, VPN, instant messaging, blogs and net meetings  Specify standard computer systems o Support and maintenance o Connecting to existing networks IT Department Organization  Chief Information Officer (CIO) o Principal manager, report to CEO, COO or CFO  Technology office, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) o Investigates new information systems technologies  Operations o Manages computer, networks, communications, etc.  Development o Manages creating of new information systems o Maintains existing system  Outsourcing relations o Handles affairs with outsourced systems  Data administration o Establish data standards and data management practices and policies Using the Web  Support for company web pages o IT department in early years o Due to impact of these pages, moved to marketing  Web design expertise o Branding and marketing o HTML o Content management o Web design applications (Flash)  Lead to web design industry o E.g. – Blast Radius  Web design project roles o Project manager  Interact with customer and move project along o Lead designer/analyst  Overa
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