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Computer Science MIS Notes IntroSocial networking sites provide users the ability to create their own personal profile and communicate with others through the webSocial networking sites are often free for those who joinBusinesses that operate them generates revenue primarily through paid advertisements of special featuresapplications to those who payoMore people in network means more people seeing advertisements and more valuable the site becomesoAttractive markets for many firms ie music movies clothingCHAPTER 1 Information Systems and YouWhat is an Information SystemSystem a group of components that interact to achieve some purposeInformation system IS a group of components that interact to produce informationoThe 5 components are computer hardware software data procedures and peoplepresent in every information systemThe term software today refers to only the programs applicationsoIn past software was used to refer to computer components that were not hardwareSome procedures are imbedded in the software ie protectionProcedures not written down bc assumed that people understand at least some of the proceduresPeople includes those who use the site the IS people who maintain it and those who sell advertising on the sitePeople are the most critical part of an information system they are not just computers and dataComputer based information system synonym for information systemWhat is MISMIS management information systems the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectivesoDefinition has 3 key elements development and use information systems and business goals and objectivesDevelopment and Use of Information systemsoTo have an info system that meets your needs you need to take an active role in that systems developmentoNeed to have an important role in the use of info systems know how to use system to accomplish goalsWhen using system have responsibility to protect the security of the system and back up data to protect the organization from losing important dataAchieving Business Goals and ObjectivesoImportant fact businesses do not do anything people do everythingoInformation exists to help people who work in a business achieve the goals and objectives of that businessMIS in Use Social Media Changing the relationship between customers and businessSocial Media connects people through social sitesweb As social media matures organizations are formulating strategies that use blogs wikis and SN sites into their business practices Social media are changing the way small businesses connect with its customersHow does IS differ from ITInformation system IT refers to methods inventions standards and productsoRefers to raw technology and concerns only the hardware software and data components of an IS and how these are networked togetherIn contrast an IS is a system of hardware software data people and procedureIT itself will not help an organization achieve its goal and objectivesOnly when IT is embedded into an IS will it become usefulSocial network sites are enjoyable bc of people therefore people are the most important part of the systemThe real difference between IT and IS is that IS includes people into the equationIf you include people and the way that they work in how you think about information systems it makes a big difference in how you design and implement systemsSuccessful business people understand crucial difference between IT and IS and take advantage of itHow Important are IS to our EconomyInformation systems are an important part of the Canadian economyIndustry Canada is the federal government agency responsible for categorizing industry sectors and collecting information about them
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