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CHAPTER 5Q1 What Is Content Content is property Content is often closely Intellectual Property which is form of creative endeabour that can be protected through a trademark patent copyright industrial design or integrated cirbuit topography Ex of content picture commercials text used to promote ideas about a good The management of content is an important challenge Challenge today is not simply in collecting and distributing content but also in presenting in appropriately for people Internet has become important to organizations in representing their contentQ2 How Can Content Be Organized The challenge in content management is processing and storing the right content and then getting the right content to the right person in the right format the right time The management of many types of data has traditionally been handled through organizational Database Management Systems DBMS Content Management Systems CMS is an information system that tracks organizational documents web pages graphics and related materials The web CMS enables a company to standardize the look and feel of a website and control info available for customers and employeesQ3 What IS the Purpose of a Database Purpose of a database is to keep track of things Lists that involve a single theme can be stored in a spreadsheet lists that involve multiple themes require a databaseQ4 What Does a Database Contain Database is a self describing collection of integrated records Byte is a character of data Bytes are grouped into Columns such as Student Number and Student Name Columns are also called Fields Columns or fields in turn are grouped into rows which are also called records A group of similar rows or records is called a table or a fileRelationships among Records A key is a column or groups of columns that identifies a unique row in a table A Foreign Key is a column or group of columns used to represent relationships Relational Database is a database that carries its data in the form of tables and that represents relationships using foreign keys The term relational is used because another more formal name for a table is relationMetabase Database is a self describing collection of integrated records Metabase are data that describe data The format of metabase depends on the software product that is processing databaseQ5 What is a DBMS and What Does It do Database Application System is applications that make database data more accessible and useful Database Application that consists of forms formatted reports queries and application programs are employed by usersThe Database Management System Database Management System DBMS is a program used to create process and administer a database Popular DBMS products are DB2 Access SQL Server Oracle MySQL DBMS is a software program database is a collection of data1 Database developers use the DBMS to create tables relationships and other structures in the database2 The second function of the DBMS is to process the database Applications use the DBMS for four operations to read insert modify or delete data Structured Query Language SQL is an international standard language for processing a database3 A third DBMS function is to provide tools to assist in the administration of the database DBMS can be used to set up a security system involving accounts pw permissions and limits for processing the database Permissions can be limited in very specific waysQ6 What Is a Database Application A database application is a collection of forms reportrs queries and application programs that process a database A database may have one or more applications and each application may have one or more usersForms Reports and Queries Form is used to read insert modify and delete database data Report is a presentation of data in a structured or meaningful context DBMS can find any record quickly A query form can be used to type in keyword for a user is looking and find the information A query a request for data from a databaseDatabase Application Programs Application programs process logic that is specific to a given business need Another important use of application program is to enable database processing over the Internet application program serves as an intermediary between the web server and the database Application program responds to events ex read insert modify and delete dataMultiuser Processing Multiuser Processing is when multiple users process the database at the same time Multiuser Processing is common but it does pose unique problems This problem is known as the Lost Update Problem an issue in multiuser database processing in which multiple users try to make changes to data but database cannot
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