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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Comp Sci Exam ReviewWeek Onemultimedia media and content that uses combination of movingstill pictures sound music and words communication is done via 5 senses0multimedia application an application that can be used to present text sound video images and animationmultimedia uses1to inform2to educate3to sellrun businesses4to entertainmultimedia components are used with these features1interactivity user has control over application active rather than passive like tv2hyperlinking index allows for jumping around sections hyperlinks to other webpages or other locations on the same pagecomputer base multimedia applications integrate the various media components and allow interactivity and hyperlinking modes of delivery include1world wide web2cddvd discs3info somethingcant read it4game boxes5hand held devices ex Ipodswhat is needed when CREATING multimedia applications1developmental systems systems used by a multimedia developer to create applications2user systems systems used to play backviewuse the multimedia applicationearliest drawingspaintings by humans discovered in Francefirst permanent photograph taken18101840first motion picture recorded18801890first talkieJazz SingerShowed power of the full colour with parts in black and white and parts in colourWizard of Oz Predesser to the internetArpanet inventor of the world wide webTim Berhers Lee first graphical browser for wwwmosaicfirst band to give internet concertrolling stonesfirst full length film that was completely computer generatedtoy storyapplication that revolutionizedirritated the music industry in 1999Napsterdigital cameras become fairly affordable accessible to the public19961450 Johann Gutengurg invents movable type allowing for mass production of books1702Englands first newspaper starts publishing 1814Joseph Nicophone Nieple achieves first photographic image1837Louis Daguerre invents first practical form of photographic reproduction1858Europe and North America are linked via a transatlantic telegraph cable by 1866 news that once took months to travel took only seconds 1877Thomas Edison invents the phonograph 1877Eadweard Maybridge invents high speed phonography creating first moving pictures that captured emotion1914animation created by tracing live action films rotoscoping1926Jazz Singer is the first film to feature spoken dialogue in sync with the movie 1928Walt Disney debuts Steamboat Willie first cartoon to use synchronized sounds 1938The Wizard of Oz memorably shows the difference between colour and black and white cinematography 1962telstarfirst communication satellite is launched into orbit1969Arpanet is established but eh US department of defense 1971first email send is picked to mean address1983internet is created when TCPIP is adopted by all Arpanet users1991Tim Berners Lee finishes developing the wwwhttp html and url www makes its debut 1993mosaic first graphical web browser is released 1994rolling stones become first major band to broadcast live over the internet 1996affordable digital cameras become widely available1999Napster debut 2001apple introduces itunes and the ipod 2005 youtubecom launches2006first twitter message sent2007search enginegoogle surpasses Microsoft as the most valuable global brand and most visited website good design1learn the principles2recognize when are not using them3apply principlesDesigning webpagescontrast avoid making 2 elements similar either make the same or very differentrepetition repeat some design aspects throughoutalignment align items to create stronger cohesive unitproximity group related items togetherrepetition of bullet type spacing light text heavy text alignment and indentationcenter titles left align parapgraphsgrouping things implies a relationshipPurpose of textconvey infographical element doesnt need to be ugly or boringconsider your audience and the type of application when choosing a style of textChanging the look of the page
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