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Chapter One TermsInformation System IS is a group of components that interact to produce informationFivecomponent Framework five fundamental components of an information system that are present in every information system from the simplest to the most complexComputer HardwareSoftware instructions for computersData recorded facts or figuresProcedures instructions for humansPeople includes those who operate and service the computers those who maintain the data those who support the networks and those who use the system Applications computer programs Computer Based Information System an information system that includes a computerManagement Information Systems MIS an information system that helps businesses achieve their goals and objectivesInformation Technology IT the products methods inventions and standards that are used for the purpose of producing information Information and Communications Technologies ICT Sector provides products and services that other industries rely on to get their work done Moores Law created by Gordon Moore stating that the number of transistors per square inch on a integrated chip doubles every 18 months Accurate in the 40 years since it was made Chapter Two TermsBusiness Process a network of activities resources facilities and information that interact to achieve some business function sometimes called a business system Activities the part of business process that transforms resources and information of one type into resources and information of another type can be manual or automatedResources items of value such as inventory or funds that are part of a business process Facilities structures used within a business process Information 1 Knowledge derived from data where data is defined as recorded facts or figures1Data presented in a meaningful context
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