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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

COMPSCI EXAM PREP Term Definition Access A popular personal and small workgroup DBMS product from Microsoft Accounting Functional Systems that support all of the organizations accounting activitiesSystems Such systems were some of the earlier calculation systems and they have continued their importance as functional systems evolvedExamples are general ledgers financial reporting accounts receivable and accounts payable Other important accounting systems include cost accounting budgeting cash management and management of the companys stocks and bonds borrowings and capital investment via treasury management Adware Programs installed on the users computers without the users knowledge or permission that reside in the background and unknown to the user observe the users actions and keystrokes modify computer activity and report he users activities to sponsoring organizations Most adware is benign in that it does not perform malicious acts or steal dataIt does however watch user activity and produce popup ads Agile Method Development methods such as rapid application developmentRAD objectoriented system developmentOOD and extreme programming XP Alignment The ongoing continually evolving challenge of fitting IT architecture to business objectives Analysis Paralysis When too much time is spent documenting project requirements Application service A special form of outsourcing in which an organization contract providers ASPs with a vendor to rent applications from the vendor company on a feeforservice basis Attribute Characteristics of an entityExamples OrderNumber OrderDate SubTotal Tax Total Authentication The process whereby an information system approvesauthenticates a user by checking the users password Beta Testing The process of allowing future system users to try out the new system on their ownUsed to locate program failures just prior to program shipment Biometric Authentication The use of personal physical characteristics such as fingerprints facial features and retinal scans to authenticate users Business Value Tangible benefits for organizations through either more efficient use of resources or more effective delivery of their services to customers BusinesstobusinessB2B Ecommerce sales between companies Businesstoconsumer Ecommerce sales between a supplied and a retail customer BusinesstoEcommerce sales between companies and government governmentB2G organizations ByteA character of dataAn 8bit chunk Calculation Systems The very first information systemsThe goal of such systems was to relieve workers of tedious repetitive calculationsThese systems were laboursaving devices that produced little information Certified Information A globally recognized certification earned by more than 50 000 Systems AuditorCISA professionals members have job titles like IS auditor consultant IS security professional regulation chief information officer and internal auditor Chief Information The title of principal manager of the IT DepartmentOther OfficerCIO common titles are vice president of information services director of information services and less commonly director of computer services Chief Technology The head of the technology groupTHE CTO sorts through new OfficerCTO ideas and products to identify those that are most relevant to the organizationThe CTOs job requires deep knowledge of information technology and the ability to envision how new IT will affect the organization over time Clearinghouse An entity that provides goods and services at a stated price prices and arranges for the delivery of the goods but never takes the title to the goods Cluster Analysis An unsupervised datamining technique whereby statistical techniques are used to identify groups of entities that have similar characteristicsA common use for cluster analysis is to find groups of similar customers in data about customer orders and customer demographics Cold Site A remote processing that provides office space but no computer equipment for use by a company that needs to continue operations after a natural disaster Columns Also called fields or groups of bytesA database table has many columns that are used to represent the attributes of an entity Commercialofftheshelf Software that is purchases asis and is not customized COTSCompetitive strategy The strategy of organization chooses as the way it will succeed in its industryAccording to Michael Porter thereare four fundamental competitive strategies cost leadership across industry or within a particular industryproduct differentiation across an industry or within a particular industry Content management An information system that tracks organizational documents web systemsCMS pages graphics and related materials Control Objectives for A framework of bet practises designed for IT management Information and Related provides board members manager auditors and IT users with a
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