COMPSCI FEB Midterm Notes

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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

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Compsci Study Notes Chapter 1Applications Computer programComputer Hardware One of the 5 fundamental components of an information systemComputerbased information system An information system that includes a computerData Recordered facts or figuresOne of the 5 fundamental component of an information systemFive component framework 5 components of an information system o Computer Hardware o Software o Data o Procedures o Peoplealways present in every systemInformation communications technology sector Provides products and services that other industries rely on to gettheir work doneInformation System A group of components that interact to produce informationInformation technology The products methods inventions and standards that are used for the purpose of producing informationManagement Information systems An information system that helps businesses achieve their goals and objectivesMoores Law A law by Gordon Moore stating the number of transistors per square inch of an integrated chip doubles every 18 mthsIt has been proved accurate for 40 years since it was madePeople Part of 5 component frameworkinformation systemIncludes those who operate and service the computers those who maintain the data those who support the networks and who uses the systemProcedures Instructions for humans One of the five fundamental components of an information systemSoftware instructions for computers One of the fundamental components of an information systemChapter 2 Accurate information is based on correct and complete data and its been processed correctlyActivity Part of a business process that transforms resources and information of one type into resources and information of another typemanual or automatedAlternatives formulation a step in the decision making process in which decision makers lay out various alternativesAutomated system An information system in which hardware and software components do most of the workBusiness process a network of activities resources facilities and information that interact to achieve some business function aka Business systemBusiness process management the process of generating information that will be useful for management and strategy decisionsBusiness process modelling notation A standard set of terms and graphical notations for documenting business processesChoice A step in the decision making process in which decision makers analyze their alternatives and select oneExecutive information systeman information system that supports strategic decision makingFacilities structures used within a business procedureImplementation a step in the decision making process in which decision makers implement the alternative they have selectedInformation o Knowledge derived from data recorded facts and figures o Data presented in a meaningful context o Data processed by summing ordering averaging grouping comparing other operations o A difference that makes a differenceIntelligencegathering The first step in the decision making process in which decision makers determine whats to be decided what the criteria for selection will be and what data are availableJust barely sufficient information Information that meets the purpose for which it is generated but just barely soManagerial decision decision that concerns the allocation and use of resourcesManual system an information system in which the activity of processing information is done by people without the use of automated processingOperational decision decisions that concern the day to day activities of an organizationRelevant Information Information that is appropriate to both the context and the subjectResources Items of value such as inventory or funds that are part of a business processReview The final step in the decision making process in which decision makers evaluate results of their decision and if necessary repeat the process to correct or adapt the decisionStrategic decision decision that concerns broader scope organizational issuesStructured decisions a type of decision for which there is a formalized and accepted method for making the decision Sufficient Information adequate information to perform the taskTimely Information Information that is produced in time for its intended useTransaction Processing system An information system that supports operational decision makingUnstructured Decision A type of decision for which there is no agreedon decision making methodWorth its cost information When an appropriate relationship exists between the cost of information and its value
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