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Multimedia and Communications Exam Study Notes

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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B

Comp Sci Study Notes1500013000 BChumans paint images on cave wallsJohann Gutenburg invents movable type o Mass production of books1701Englands first daily newspaper1814Joeseph Nicephore Niepce first photograph1837Louis Daguerre invents first practical form of photo reproduction1858Europe and NA linked by telegraph cable1877Edison invents the phonograph1877 Muybridge invents highspeed photography motion pictures1914Animation created1926First practical TV1928Disney debuts Steamboat Willie first cartoon to used synchronized sounds1939Wizard of Oz1962Telstar first communications satellite launched1969ARPANET established by US Department of Defence internet1971first email sent andsymbol used1991TBL develop WWW1993first graphical web browser released1994Rolling Stones broadcast over internet1996Digital cameras become affordable1999Napster debuts2001itunes and ipod2005youtube2006Twitter2008Google most valuable global brandCRAPcontrast repetition alignment proximityText can be used to serve two purposes o Conveys info o Used as a graphical elementFont typecharacters that have a common design are grouped together into familiesSerifhad a fine line added to finish a letter stroke o Always uses for large paragraphs of text o Can read easier because line points towards next letter o Times new roman courierSan serifno line added o Best for headlines and headings o Comic arialStylevariations in the appearance that puts emphasis on parts of the textOne of the ways our eyes figure out reading is we look at the shape of the wordKerningadjusting the distains between pairs of letters
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