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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
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Comp Sci Final Exam NotesLecture 2 IntroductionBeginning Multimediatext images animation sound video Before someone judges you Janet Elsea says you have 715 seconds to make a good impression Multimedia and communications is to make an impression on the Internet Communicationeffectively communicate a messageclear exact professional make an impression Five senses are mechanisms to communicate with others and environmentmost important sense is sight view images then touch followed by sound voice recordings music then touch navigateUsing a combination of moving and still pictures sound music and words especially in computers or entertainmentCambridge definition of multimediaHow do we communicateDirectly speaking to people telephone text messaging radio television World Wide Web The World Wide Web Offers1Accessibilityreaches to people all over the world2Is fast3Directly see people ie webcam Skype4Is cheapThe WWW is the voice of powerwhich area has more people Asia Which area has the most Internet users North American 783 Which area has the least Internet users Asia and AfricaHistory of Multimedia1500013000 BCprehistoric humans paint images on the walls of their caves1878first motion picture ever recorded The Horse in Motion1914silent movies incorporated multiple media by using film and text caption together 1927first full length movie The Jazz Singer with synchronized dialogue ie the first talkie1928Walt Disney debuts the second short starring a Steamboat Willie Mickey and is the first cartoon to use synchronized sound19281931Movies with sound replicate silent movies1930sTechnicolor is introduced in film and most movies are filmed in colour after 1940 The Wizard of Oz filmed in Technicolor in 19391937Bell Laboratories had a breakthrough in creating dual sound tracks on film Fantasia was the first commercial movie with a complete surround sound soundtrack in 19401969NETWORK TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCES ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Networkstarts in 1962 first packet switching network and the predecessor to the internet1Objective build a network technology to allow researchers at various locations across the country to share information24 locations 1969UCLA Stanford Santa Barbra University of UtahExam Hintswhy communicate via websnail mailDoes anyone know what is the difference between the World Wide Web and the InternetInternet is the hardware that keeps everything connected World Wide Web is one piece of software that runs on the internetWho invented the World Wide WebHTML Berners LeeInternet was invented in 1969Start of InternetArpanet1971First email sent1977Apple starts to build and dominate the personal computer market1981IBM PC announcedintroduced and captures market share in 18 months1991World Wide Web debuted by Tim BernersLee1992MS Windows 311992HTML language in which webpages are based on1993the first graphical browser is born allows us to see web pages containing IMAGES it is called Mosaic by Marc Andreessen Erin Brina and Tim Clark1994The Rolling Stones become the first major band to broadcast a live performance over the internet1995Disney releases Toy Story the first feature length computer generated movie1996Affordable digital cameras widely available1998Google Search Engine operates by Larry Page and Sergey Brin1999Napster debuts allowing users to download and share MP3s2000sIntegration of computer memory storage digital data camcorders MP3 players IPods speakers telephones HD TV and other technologies explodes2001Apple introduces iTunes and the iPod2005YouTubecom launches2007Search engine giant Google surpasses Microsoft as the most valuable global brand and also is the most visited Web siteFaces of the Internet LegacyBill Gates Microsoft Team Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google Tim BernsLee responsible for World Wide Web Marc Andreessen Erin Brina and Tim Clark MosaicProgression of Technology 1981PC 1991WWW 1992Windows 1993Mosaic browser Google search engineLegal IssuesCopyright rights management privacy intellectual propertyProblematic because of the rapid change in technologyIs it necessary to have the web design skills set Absolutely We are moving towards a paperless societyArticulate think and write clearlyfor report documentationWeb design skills an essentialPower of the InternetEvery career requires multimedia skillsIT and designTextText can be used to serve two purposes1Convey information2Visual impact posters websites etcWhat can you do if you really want to use an unusual font on your websiteCreate a jpg or gif file of the text in Photoshop so it can be read by allthan insert it into your website Text sets a moodHow is text usedColourColour is defined by Hexadecimal Codealways made up of decimals 09 and letters AFRepresents RRGGBB ex red FF0000 green 00FF00 blue 0000FFWestern Purple660099 Font typeArial Times New Roman Comic SansStyleregular bold italic superscript subscriptKerningadjusting the space between pairs of letters char a cterTrackingadjusting space between all of the characters c h a r a c t e r sLeadingamount of vertical space between lines of text measured in either positive or negative points or zero oLoose Trackmore space between all charactersoTight Trackless space between all charactersoHow to do kerningtracking in Photoshop In character tab highlight characters you wish to changeRULE to read easier distance between lines should be greater than distance between wordsSizepoints word processing vs pixels 8pt 10pt 10px 36ptoPixels are a measurement for text and images for the web on a monitoroPixel is the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a monitoroPointA linear unit measuring the size of text in a word processing documentoPoints are a print unit of measure word processing
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