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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B

CS 1033BFinal Exam NotesPage 1Compsci 1033BFinal Exam NotesLecture 2MULTIMEDIA AND COMMUNICATION715 seconds to make a good first impression 4 min for someone to decide to go beyond first impression MULTIMEDIA everything you can hear or see Media include texts books pictures music sounds CDs videos DVDs MP3 players iPods records films etcDeliver what combined into an application to inform educate entertainMULTIMEDIA technical defndescribes any application or technology that uses any combo of text images sound animation videoCAMBRIDGE DEFNUsing a combination of moving and still pictures sound music and words especially in computers or entertainmentCOMMUNICAITONS effectively communicate a messageclear exact professional make an impressionSoftware applications text images sound animation videoDelivery on the Internet Via WebsiteCombined into an application to inform educate entertainUse our 5 senses to communicate with others and environmentsound smell sight touch tasteSight most important images animations video visual appealSound second easier to learn sets mood music voice recordingsTouch is number 3 navigate createMultimedia usesTo informTo educateTo sell and Run Businesses To entertainWe communicate through the WORLD WIDE WEB Internetbecause fast cheap and accessible reaches people all over the worldo millionAsia 389 Europe 313 North America 232 oMore users in Asia but greater percentage of population in North America 709 vs 124Multimedia History QuizEarliest drawingspaintings by humans discovered in FranceThe first permanent photograph was taken between 18201830The first motion picture was recorded between 18801890 CS 1033BFinal Exam NotesPage 2The first full length movie with synchronized dialogue talkie was The Jazz SingerOne of the first full length movies to use colour was The Wizard of OzArpanet was the name of the predecessor to the internet 1969Tim BernersLee invented the World Wide Web 1991 was the first graphical browser for the World Wide WebMosaic1993The Rolling Stones was the first band to give a concert over the Internet Toy Story was the first full length feature film that was completely computer generatedNapster was an application that revolutionizedirritated the music industry in 1999Digital cameras became fairly accessible and affordable to the public in 1996Multimedia History IMPORTANTRemember the names1500 1928 Start of internet1930s Technicolor is introduced in film and most movies are filmed in colour after 19401937 Bell laboratories had a breakthrough in creating dual sound tracks on filmFantasia was the first commercial movie with a complete surround soundtrack in 1940ARPANET1969 NETWORK TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCEDoARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network 1969 oFirst packet switching network and predecessor to the internet discussed in 1962oObjective a network technology to allow researchers at various locations across the country to share information o4 locations in 1969UCLA Stanford UC Santa Barbara University of Utah o1970East coast 1977 Apple starts to dominate PC market1981 IBM PC announced and captures market share in 18 months1991 WORLD WIDE WEB debuts Tim BernersLee1992 MS Windows 31 is released HTML debutsBasis for Website development 1993 MosaicFirst graphical browser web pages with images by Marc Andreesen Erin Brina CS 1033BFinal Exam NotesPage 3and Tim Clark transformed internet from research to household1994 The Rolling Stones become the first major band to broadcast a live performance over the internet opening band on air firstSever Tire Damage1995 Disneys Toy Storyfirst feature length computer generated movie 77 minutes long 4 years to make 800000 machine hours to render1996 Affordable digital cameras widely available1998 GOOGLELarry Page search engine operates by Sergey Brin1999 Napster debuts allowing users to download and share MP3s2000s Integration of computer memory storage digital data camcorders MP3 players Ipods speakers telephones HD TV and other technologies2001Apple introduces iTunes and the iPod2005youTubecom launches2007Search engine giant Google surpasses Microsoft as the most valuable global brand and also is the most visited Web siteLegal issuesCopyright rights management piracy intellectual property Problematic because of the rapid change in technologyBetter skillsNeed tobe multiskilledBusiness CommunicationIT and design Articulate think and write clearlyfor report documentationWeb design skills an essentialPower of the Internet Is it necessary to have the web design skills setWhich delivery option should you use for multimedia applicationGame vs Documentation Wolrd Wide Web CDRoms DVDCriteriaCDDVDWorld Wide WebView in a instantly byinserting 24x7 online Access Timeinto driveaccessibility
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