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Computer Science 1033A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Image Map, Dither, Pagerank

Computer Science
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Vivi Tryphonopolous
Study Guide

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CS1033 Practice/Sample Exam Questions
1. Which file format would work best for an image of clouds if you wanted
to show you website background partially showing through the clouds?
a jpg
b gif
c png
d partial transparency is not possible
2. What colors are the following
a #FF0000 (red)
b <255,0,255> (purple/pink)
c <255,255,255> (white)
d #020202 (dark black)
e <271, 271, 271> (not valid)
3. What is dithering? (look it in notes)
4. What format should this picture be
stored as: (.jpg)
5. What format should this picture be
stored as: (.gif)
6. What does the term 1080p mean? 1080
rows progressive display
7. gif allows for:
a 2 bit color
b 8 bit color
c 24 bit color
d all of the above
e a and b only
8. jpg compressions realizes that the human eye is better at detecting:
a differences in color than differences in brightness
b differences in brightness than differences in color
9. if you have a gif image it is better not to keep saving it as a gif
repeatedly as it will lose some of its original information and thus
degrade in quality
a true
b false
10. how many colors are contained in the browser safe (or web safe) palette
a 32
b 216
c 256
d over 10 millions
11. There is always a one to one mapping between an IP address
( and a domain name(
a True
b False
12. which of the following is an invalid ip address
c 280.89.300.20
d a and b
e b and c
13. Which of the follow are valid Top Level Domain Names:
a www
b com
c edu
d uk
e ca
14. which of the following is an html tag
a <b>
b (b)
c b
d [b]
15. Where is the <title> tag displayed? in browser at top of screen
16. If you were viewing a web page and then did View Source, you would
a text consisting of content and html tags
b the actual images, links and content
c links and the actual images only
17. What are the four fundamentals discussed in class of any good design
CRAP Principles
18. Once the world wide web became popular, which of the following
searching tools became almost obsolete?
a archie
b gopher
c google
d yahoo
e both a and b
19. A tween is
a The frame that contains the last movement in your animation
b The computer generated frames between two positions in an
c The location where the music goes in an animation
20. Kerning is
a The space between two lines of text
b The space between two characters
21. The lowest resolution you should have when creating an image to be
printed is
a 72 ppi
b 96 ppi
c 200 ppi
d 300 ppi
e 1200 ppi
22. Ray tracing is adding skin and feathers and scales to animations
a True
b False
23. If you wanted to search for information about a particular breed of dog
by starting at the animals topic and then moving to the dogs topic and
then moving to the Pugs topic, you are doing
a A subject directory search
b A search engine search
24. The Jerry Yang is the found of Yahoo
a True
b False
25. What is the key idea behind the Page Rank algorithm of Google? (see
26. What is the term for working with text, audio, video, sound and/or
animation incorporated into an application? multimedia
27. What is the name of the software that transfers files to a webserver
28. What is the name of the web server at Western (panther)
29. Match the following words to the definitions
a. Image map (5) 1.Web graphic file format that supports variable
b. PNG (1) 2. web graphic file format that can display
c. .jpg (6) 3. the amount of information stored for each image
d. colour
4. measures the number of bits of stored info per
pixel (or how many different tones every pixel can
e. gif (2) 5. Graphic that contains more than one hotspot
f. image resolution(3) 6. web graphic file format that is best used for
continuous tone images such as photographs
30. Look at the following images:
Resized to enlarge
was the original image a vector graphic or a bit mapped graphic?
31. In Dreamweaver, the area in which you build your webpage is called:
a Browser window
b Document Window
c Design Window
d Control Panel
e Property panel
32. Which of the following are composed of tiny dots, each corresponding
to one pixel on the computer’s display?
a codecs
b vector graphics
c bit-mapped graphics
d arrays
e points
33. What are the characteristics that define a cel-based animation?
a Background changes from one scene to another, and object changes
from one frame to another.
b Background changes from one scene to another, and object remains
c Background remains fixed, and object changes from one frame to
d Background remains fixed, and object remains fixed.
e None of the above
34. When using a table in Dreamweaver, to adjust the spacing around each
cell so that text does not touch the grid cells, one would assign a value to
the “cell spacing” parameter in the Property Inspector.
a True
b False
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