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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

Computer Science Final Exam NotesLecture 2History of Multimediay 1928debut of Steamboat Willie first cartoon to use synchronized sound y 1930stechnicolour introduced y 1969Network technology introduced ArpanetAdvanced Research Projects Agency NETworkis createdFirst packet switching network and predecessor to InternetBegan talking about it in 1962Objective build a network to share information y 1977 Apple dominated PC market y 1991 Tim BernersLee debuts World Wide Web y 1992 HTML debuts y 1993 first graphical browser Mosaic y 1994 Rolling Stones first live performance on Internet y 1995 Toy Story first feature length computer generated movie y 1998 Google Larry PageSergey Brins y 1991 Napster download and share mp3s Top 3 Applications1 Entertainment2 Publishing 3 Educationtrainingy EducationElearning became real not just substitute for lack of teachersLearning facilitated onlineAll learning technology mediated in some wayy ShoppingRetail Traditional shopping replaced by online shoppingShopping experience changesy Entertainment Electronic games more virtual reality and onlineMedia on demand y CommunicationsInternet telephone and video phone systems Multimedia Features 1 InteractivityUser control over the applicationExperience active rather than passive 2 HyperactivityIndextable of contents allows for jumpingSequential you start at the beginning and move to the endHyperlinking an index allows for jumping around to different sectionsy Computer based multimedia applications integrate the various components of media and allow interactivity and hyperlinking y CDDVD Access timeview in an instant by inserting into driveCannot change content yWorld Wide WebAccess time may encounter slow connection speedsContent can be changed y Development Systems systems used by multimedia developers to create applications y User Systems systems used to play back multimedia applications Text y Use of text in multimedia applications varies on the type of application and audience y Change the look of your webpage by changing text attributesdesignlayoutplacement Text Attributesy Font typeSerif tails script body paragraphsSansSerif no tails block oriented headingstitles y Style Regular bold italics y Kerning Spaces between charactersy LeadingVertical space between lines of text y Special EffectsUnderline shadow super script subscript y SizePoints vs Pixels PIXEL px POINT pt y Smallest discrete component of an image y A linear unit measuring the size of text or picture on a monitory Points are a print unit of measure y Pixels are a measurement for text and y 72 pt1 inch 36 pt05 inch images on the web y If webpage expresses font sizes in points y If webpage expresses font sizes in pixels text can be displayed much larger or text will display more precisely the size smaller than you expect you want on the screenColour y Hexadecimal code
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