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Computer Science 1033A/B Final Exam Notes 1.docx

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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

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Compsci 1033BFinal Exam Notes MULTIMEDIA AND COMMUNICATION715 seconds to make a good first impression 4 min for someone to decide to go beyond first impression Communication conveys thoughts exchange of ideas must be clear articulate easy to understandMULTIMEDIA everything you can hear or see Media include texts images video books pictures music sounds CDs videos DVDs MP3 players iPods records films etcMUTLTIMEDIA technical Describes any application or technology that can be used to present Text images sound animation videoSoftware applicationsDelivery on the Internet Via WebsiteCombined into an application to inform educate entertainInternetfast cheap and accessible reaches people all over the world millionAsia 389 Europe 313 North America 232 More users in Asia but greater percentage of population in North America 709 vs 124 Multimedia History QuizEarliest drawingspaintings by humans discovered in FranceThe first permanent photograph was taken between 18201830The first motion picture was recorded between 18801890 The first full length movie with synchronized dialogue talkie was The Jazz SingerOne of the first full length movies to use colour was The Wizard of OzArpanet was the name of the predecessor to the internetTim BernersLee invented the World Wide WebMosaic was the first graphical browser for the World Wide Web The Rolling Stones was the first band to give a concert over the Internet Toy Story was the first full length feature film that was completely computer generatedNapster was an application that revolutionizedirritated the music industry in 1999Digital cameras became fairly accessible and affordable to the public in 1996
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