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Computer Science 1033A/B Final Exam Notes 4 - Web Startup.docx

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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

Website Startup THE INTERNET a collection of local regional national and international computer networks that are linked together to exchange data and distribute processing tasksHOST a computer on the internet that provides services such as web pages emails web storageISP internet Service ProviderWestern Bell Rogers Execulink CostcoAllows one to connect to the internetCompany that maintains an internet host computer providing internet access and user account for accessing internet email box webspace to host website offers connection via telephone lines cable TV or personal satellite dishdata travels from one internet host to another along best route if links overloadedout of servicererouted IP Internet Protocol Address uniquely identifies each computerdevice connected to the internet An IP Address is 32 bits 4 bytes wide and may be represented various ways Binary decimal hexadecimal dottedquad most popular1921022493Each quad must be between 0255DOMAIN NAME the text name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the internet only what comes after wwwex uwoca 129100045 csduwoca 129199192472 partsidentifies the NETWORK and the specific COMPUTERWhen browsing a website IP address determines successful communication between your computer and websiteProcessevery time you type a domain name Internet server called DNS translates domain into IP address so data can route to the correct computer Finding your IP addresswwwshowmyipcom wwwwhatismyipcom Finding IP address of any websiteCommand prompt type ping and the website URL Uniform Resource Locatoran Address of a web document on a computer Every webpage is referred to by a unique URL httpwwwuwocaitscoursesspringhtmlHypertext Transfer Protocol rules that define how data is exchanged between servers and browsersWorld Wide Web indicates file is on the World Wide WebDomain name The name of the sitePath and File tells browser where to find pagesDomain name rulesMax of 67 characters including extension09 azDash character hyphenNO UNDERLINE no spaces cannot start or end with dash case insensitive no Must end with a domain extensionnet com org TLDSUBDOMAIN a domain that is part of a larger domain two or more parts labels separated by shttpwwwenwikipediaorgdomain name Wikipediaorg Subdomain enUsed to organize website content httpyear2005mycorvettesmycarscom com is the first level domain top level domainTLD Mycars is the second level domain mycarscom is the DOMAIN mycorvettes is the third level domainsubdomain of the domain mycarscom year2005 is the fourth level domainsubdomain of mycorvettesmycarscomRulesMax of 127 labels each level is a label Each label max 63 characters long min 3 characters But whole domain cannot exceed 255 characters including TLD TLD identifies the type of organization that is associated with the domaincom commercial organization business companies net internet administrative site network providers org nonprofit organizations edu educational institutions gov
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