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Computer Science 1033A/B Final Exam Notes 5- Animation.docx

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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

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ANIMATION a drawing that moves bringing the drawing to lifeRely on moving images for effective communicationUsed for entertainment action realism Education visualization demonstrationWhy use animationIndicate movementIllustrate change over timeVisualize 3D objectsAttract attentionSimulation of movement through a series of pictures that have objects in slightly different positionsEach drawing is called a FRAME snapshot of what is happening at a particular moment FPS frames per secondMovies on film24 fpsTV30 fps9000 frames for five minute cartooncomputer animation jerky anything lessIn animation each frame overlaps the previous oneMovement is caused by rapidly displaying each frame in sequenceTypes of AnimationComputerbased training programs the way something works assembling parts surgeryEducation teach applied and hands on skills spelling exam prep learning instruments athletesGames playstation nintento xboxWeb animated buttons banners text characters etc Two types of animation2D Animation celpath 3D animation 2D Animation CelBasedCel Celluloid clear sheet material on which images were drawn by movie animators
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