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Computer Science 1033A/B Final Exam Notes 6 - Video.docx

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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

VIDEOVideo uses the power of MOTION and SOUNDANALOG VIDEO smooth electronic waves ex Conventional TVDIGITAL VIDEO converts into digital media 0s and 1sbenefit of delivering on internetComposed of a series of bitmap graphics each one called a frameMotion in a video is an illusion caused by the rapid display of several still images or framesMovies display at 2430 fpscomputer displayed video display at 1215 fpsCharacteristicsBits store Colour and Brightness data for each video frame Retains image quality no matter how many times it is copied Easily manipulated on a pc because stored in digital formatKinds of digital videosDesktop video DTV constructed and displayed using a personal computer Webbased video incorporated in web pages and accessed with a browserDVDVideo used for commercial DVDs that contain featurelength filmsPDA vide smallformat video designed to be viewed on a PDA or cell phone screen Creating digital video first storyboardProduce Video Footage Select equipment for filming videos and use effective filming techniquesTransfer video footage to a computerUse cable to cable transfer or a video capture card to move video footage from cameras videotapes television and DVDs to your computers hard diskEdit video footageUse software to select video segments arrange them into a video and add a soundtrackStore and play videoSelect digital video file formats for playback on desktop web PDA and DVD platforms Ready to make a videoPreProduction stage Planning the video and gathering any resources you might needLength of final videoMusic or sounds script or storyboardCamcorder type and medium and format of final videoProduction stage Camera work and sound recordingPotential for a good shot is better if you understand how to use the technical controls on camera resolution capturing action vs stills night vs daytimePostproduction Downloading from camcorder to computerEditing andor encoding the finished videoRemoving unwanted footageArranging desired footage in the correct orderAdding music titles transitions and possibly other effectsConverting encoding into the correct formatsPostProduction Capture video download video from camcorder to computerEdit Digital video using computer digital video software edit it add titles filters transitions superimpose clips synchronize audio with video authoring software create menus and interactivity Output Video output to different file formatsback out to tape the Web CD DVD Capturing Videomust be in DIGITAL form to use in multimedia applicationProcessVideo camera analog video analog signal Video carddigital signal PCDigital camera digital signalDigital signal PCFive Factors to consider when making a video 1 Source Device camcorders and digital video cameras can be used to capture fullmotion images analog vs digital
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