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Computer Science 1033A/B Final Exam Notes 7 - Sound.docx

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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

CS 1033BFinal Exam NotesPage 1 SOUND Recordprocessdeliver Rely on sound to enhance multimedia applications easily capture the attention of users facilitate easy learning set the moodOn the web sound offers Background music narration sound effects Record testimonials educatepresentations webcast oneway audio offers ondemand radio listening conferencing What is sound pressure waves of airVisualize the sounds as a series of recurring waves called WAVEFORMVOLUME the higher the wave the louder the soundPITCHFREQUENCY the closer the waves the higher the pitch Sources of soundPrepackaged come with computer purchasedborrowed create own recording program recording studio for higher quality electronic instruments captured in MIDIHow is sound recordedMICROPHONE translates movement into electrical signals analog then tape recorder translates the waveform from an electrical signal on a wire to a magnetic signal on a tape analogAnalogtodigital converter ADC ADC captures a snapshot of the electric voltage on an audio line and represents it as a digital number that can be sent to a computer SOUND CARD a device that is responsible for transforming the bits stored in an audio file into musicDoes 3 thingsTransforms digital bits into analog waves when you play back a waveform audio fileTransforms analog waves into digital bits when you make a sound recordingHandles compression and decompression if necessary In multimedia application sound must be in a DIGITAL FORM string of 1s and 0sSound can be recorded directly in digital form or an analog sound can be converted to a digital soundTo convert analog sounds to digital soundsthousands of SAMPLES are taken of the sound waves and recorded as bitsEach dot in the sound wave photo wavy line represents ONE audio sample Quality of digital recording depends onSAMPLE RATE rate at which samples are captured number of timessec that the waveform is measured1000 samples per second1KHZ 1000HZ8KHZ voice only 22KHZ music files 441KHZ used on CD
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