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Computer Science 1033A/B Final Exam Notes 3 - Graphics.docx

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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

GRAPHICS We rely on images forInformation explanations entertainmentGraphics originate from nondigital medium paper copy of a photo outside world create imageDIGITIZATION the process of translating a piece of information text images sound recording video into BINARY BITSBIT short for Binary Digit value of 1 or 0fundamental units of information in a coRGB Code Hexadecimal Code mputer systemWhen press a key binary code sent to RAM memoryCPUVideo cardOn screen Measurement systembinary system base of 2 exponentnumber of bits 8 BYTE collection of 8 bits2256 possible combinations of 1s and 0s 12 Ex 22 values 0 1 24 values 00 01 10 11IMAGE represented by a grid array matrix of squared picture elements called PIXELS the smallest image component and thus shows the smallest detailPixelnumerical value corresponding to a COLOR INDICATOR bw or colour6Each pixel is represented by 3 values consists of 16 unique symbols ie light yellow255255127 RGB 0123456789E and F 4Syntaxcolor represented by 6 digits ie FFCC66 0Each value ranges from 0255 x8256 color shades2 bits4316 million colors in the spectrum 25680Red 25500 Red FF0000Green 02550 Green 00FF00 sBlue 00 255 Blue 0000FF Websafe colors only 1369CF creen640 dots on each of 480 rows300000 pixelsCoding colorsBlackwhite1 bit ONLY 0black 1white2 bitscombination of black and white 0110grey4 More bits more shades 4 bits216 grey shadesUsed for web Used for printing Additive Model RGB Subtractive Model CMYKkblack Primary colours Red Green Blue Primary colours Cyan Magenta yellow added to a black background in order to obtain subtracted from a white backgroundcolor shades In TRUE COLOR each pixel represents some color shadeUses 24 bit representation16 million colors Color can be expressed inRGB does notHexadecimal need converter Cathode ray tube devices such as computer monitors can only display colour with red green and blue lightthis is the color system of the web
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