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Comparative Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Culture 1020
Laurencede Looze

St Denis – where kings and queens are buried Amiens – one of the largest free standing dome Domas d’eglisia – when Rome was still pagan but there was stil a Christian population – churches that were on the second level of peoples houses Hadia Sophia – was a church then a mosque then a museum – is it in Constantinople that was originally the center of the roman empire – built by emperor Justinian – there is a central dome and 2 side domes Underworld - in the odyssey and the Aneid 3 levels of hell 1 – incontinence – Not as strong, often accidental, intellect was not included (adultery) 2 – violence – intentional but not as terrible 3 – fraud – intentional Diometes: Cupititas – he went past the straights on Gibraltar. He wanted the fame and he wants Brunetto Latini – Cupititas – he wrote in French and not in his normal language he was within The message at the beginning of hell – you read it too late and understand it too late and you have entered hell – you sin without meaning to sin The first level is hell is for the lustfull not the adulterys Francessca and Pablo were reading the stories on lancelot – Gallehault : was the person that God the adulteres together in the stories Francessca and Pablo read this storie and use it as a Gallehault F&P are caught in the wind Farinata & Cavalcante on opposing side of the Guelph and guiblenes Calvacante misreads the situation of his son and misses the point Next we meet the suicides - they are trees and to let them speak they bleed out. They have to damage the both if they want to speak – reference back to John and a echo back to Ovid – which the pregnant women and the women that is running away from the rape and turns into a tree Guido – fransican monk – he abused his power with bonefisto because he forgave his sins before he even commited them Bocca – person he kicks in the head and pulls out his hair it shows that he is not sympathetic anything and he does not faint Myrrha & Ginyras??? Archbishop Ruggier – locked Ugolino in a tower with his children and then he ate his children – he suffered from hunger and unrationally ate his children – he eats in the wrong way – he misreads them and does not eat them in a symbolic way – unspeakable thing that Ugolino did (infans) ate his children – desperato (no hope) Christians need – Hope, charity, and faith. 3 kinds of eating - spiritual eating – communion- spiritual need for food - transubstantiation - eating out of hunger – what beasts do – being hungry – most universal kind of hunger - eating out of hatred – eating simply because you hate the person so much – cannibalism – when tribal cultures would go to war they would eat the people that they beat Alberigo – He is still alive but he proves that there are 2 deaths, death of the body and death of the soul and once your soul is dead you are destined for hell He asks Dante to uncover his eyes because they are frozen shut – Dante refuses to help because he is thinks it is what he deserves Motion decreases the more he goes down Biggest sinners – they killed their father figures Brutas, casias – betrayed Ceasar Judas – betrayed Jesus Virgin Mary, Beatrice and St Lucia are in heaven watching over him The theme of 3 – 3 main books, 3 types of sins, rhyme sceme is 3, 33 cantos and 100 in total which is the perfect number He could not get past the mountain of purgatory because he is being chased by the she wolf (incontinence) the Lion (violence) Leopard (Fraudulent) Contrapasso – continuation of the sins in this world into hell DECAMERON Takes place during the plague Cepperillo Cappalettlo – underhanded – they are money lenders he is a terrible human the other men are afraid that being associated with him. The sin that he comes up with is that he swore at his mom, he said he spat on the floor of the church, he took a few extra cents from a man and it took a while to give it back. He makes a show – does this in a way to protect his friends. Its another one if his tricks that he tries to look like a good man to the church…. Pull another con. They make him into a martyr because it looks like the greatest man ever and nonbelievers turn into believers because of how wonderful he is. (Which is similar to what Jonah did). In the end God wins we do not know if God wins Boccaccio is focuses more on this world The lovers heart – Guillaume do Rousillon – the husband, Calestant – the lover Invites the lover over for a jousting competition and then kills the lover and makes his wife eat her lovers heart causing her to jump out of a window Love goes hand in hand with violence LOVE AND VIOLENCE ARE ALWAYS CLOSELY LINK Niccolosa, Adiano, Pinuccio P&N are in love They decide to go on a voyage in a circle and end up at Niccolosa’s cottage There are a bunch of messed up bed situtions 2 lovers have sex then tells the womens dad and the dads wife sleeps with the friend and then she ends up in her daughters bed and covers for herself and her daughter and her daughters lover as well In Decameron they use the Gallehaulto Marguerite Navarre Narorated by Saffradente (admirer of Parlamente – tries to tell her that her husbands a cheater) Cuckold – a man whos wife is having and affair – is shamefull because you do not have control over her – a sign of a cuckhold is horns The king is a cuckhold and doesn’t even know it Narorated by Ennasuite: Noblewomen that is almost raped by the suitors that comes up from the trap door The women is told that because she has been leading this man on then she can not accuse him with rape Narorated by Geburon: Fairy women and the Franciscan monks (cordeliers) Franciscan monks were supposed to have the most restraint but they actually don’t Traps the on separate islands and takes the boats and outsmarts the two friars The story evens the rights of women. The 2 friars are punished. Lover hide in a barrel and his wife tells her husband that she had a dream that he was no longer blind so she covers his one good eye and waves her lover out. When her husband finds out her husband applauds her for being clever. Cleverness is a great talent Hircan – tries to protect the virtue of women by ruining the virtue of 2 women. He cheats on his wife with a women and her daughter Longarine(her husband dies on the way and is not really upset about it) narrates: The man that is seducing his chamber maid and allows his friend to seduce his wife Gargantua Everything is turned on its head and it makes it scandalous Body&mind – powerbrain- makes sure to engage the physical aspect of the body and also the mind Go back to the titles of the things that they are learning Abbey of Theleme – abbey with no rules – Do what you will- if you teach people to do what Not everyone is equal no everyone can get into the abbey and the people outside the abbey work as slaves to make things for the people within the abbey Pantagruel Write a letter to his son that is truly thoughtful and is sign from Utopia which means no place Alconfribas Nasier – anagram of Rabaleis – the author is inside the work Renaissance: Optimistic view of man, program of self betterment. • Lasted such a short period of time • 1557- Charles V, king of Spain, prototype of the renaissance man. Mosce te ipsum (know thy self) from classical world- self betterment Thomas more (1478-1525) Utopia Utopia- new worlds, the undiscovered world, mentioned in works through out the renaissance. Pico “Dignity of Man” manifesto- make man angelic, great change of being: • God-an
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