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Earth Sciences
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Stephen R Hicock

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Sedimentary Rocks For sed rocks I could ask for environment of deposition, name a mineral in it, texture, or name the rock. Sedimentary Environments  Alluvial Fans: stream deposits near the base of mountains; usually poorly sorted and angular (breccia, arkose)  Fluvial Environment: river deposits of well sorted, rounded sediments (sandstone, shale)  Eolian Environment: wind deposits which are well rounded, very well sorted, and normally cross-bedded (sandstone)  Glacial Environment: sediments are very poorly sorted with subangular to subrounded grains  Deltas: complex environment where thick accumulations of siltstone, sandstone, and shale may be deposited  Karst Environment: carbonates (calcite, dolomite) extracted from groundwater in limestone caves to form new carbonate deposits (travertine)  Restricted Basin: evaporites (rock salt, gypsum, potash)  Shoreline Environment: sediment deposited in beaches, bars, spits, lagoons are clean (well sorted; siltstone, sandstone, shale)  Organic Reefs: solid structures composed of shells and secretions of marine organisms (highly fossiliferous limestone)  Shallow Marine Environment: cyclic sequences including shale, sandstone, and limestone layers representing changes in sea level  Deep Ocean Environment: turbidity currents form fining upward, graded deposits of well sorted angular grains; also thick deposits of microscopic plankton skeletons accumulate as chalk Conglomerate -rounded rock fragments of any composition - Sandston
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