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Earth Sciences 1081A/B Midterm Notes-1.docx

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1081A/B

1081 Midterm NotesLecture One Course IntroductionJanuary 7 2013 What is a resource o Loosely defined a resource is Any physical or virtual entity of limited availability that needs to be consumed to obtain a benefit from itNatural resources include o 1 Materials derived from the natural environment eg plant and animal products air minerals fuel sources etc o 2 Earths surface area land and waterFact all humans depend on natural resources for survival Environmento In the broadest sense environment refers to the surroundings of a physical entityo From our perspective we generally use environment in the sense of the natural environment which includes all living and nonliving things that occur naturally on Eartho The natural environment is ultimately the source of our natural resourcesSustainability o The term sustainability is derived from the Latin sustinere tenere to hold sus up implying the capacity to maintain support or endureo In the context of natural resources sustainability or sustainable development refers to the use of resources including land in a manner that satisfies current needs without compromising the needs or options of future generations Material Society o All humans rely on natural resources for survivalo But the current use of natural resources in most human populations especially in developed nations is far above that required for our survival Add a growing human population o Reduces sustainability even further o An increasing population strains resources and creates additional wastesLecture 2 Human Links with GeologyJanuary 10 2013Lost link with world we live in Geology definition on slideshow Not only rocks and minerals but many other things more about seeing how all components work together Equation qualitative equation IPAT Iimpact Ppopulation Aaffluence higher standard of livinghigher disposable income Ttechnology for ex How many computers cell phones Ipads etc are in one household How do there elements and products harvested from the earth effect us And the environment Not JUST extracting the materials what are the consequences of the areas where they mine and harvest these products Pollution is released into environment more pesticides flooding etc These three things P A and T are the main things driving change in our WorldFundamental Concepts in resources environment and sustainability 5 parts of concepts LOOKSLIDESHOW 1 biggest problem Too many peopleBecause of what we do and use the more people we have the more were hurting the environment Earthquakes and other natural disasters have ALWAYS occurred since the beginning of time but were settling in places where we never did before because we run out of places to expand into because more people are living in areas susceptible to these environmental disasters Alsothey move in search of more resources once used the ones in there areas Population Bombrates that population has grown uneven and exponential growth shown in diagrams in slideshow less flourishing countries populations will double WAY faster than wealthier more developed countries2 sustainability sustainable development is improving quality of life while conserving for future generations two types of resources renewable things that can be grown or replenished fairly quickly air wood water non renewable things which cannot be replaced minerals fossil fuels check slideshow for increased population and what it leads to examples of brazil india Sudbury walkerton etcdeforestation future consequences of supply and demand resources demand wood from forests benefits of development more raw ingredients for a large amount and variety of products we need this stuff but how do we weigh with consequencesThe Aral sea engineering and environmental disaster Resource demand fresh water
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