midterm 1- study sheet This is a very thorough study sheet including material from both the text book and notes (class and my own). will guarantee you atleast an 80 if studied well.

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Western University
Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

STUDY SHEET Q Why study the history of life AFossils are the time machines that provide us with information of the past life and rocks are the only fossils that can tell us what happened in the past To know where humans came from this can only be known due to fossils To know what happened billions of years ago why some species came billions of years ago and then went extinct To find out how ancient things lived interacted and why they died This is the work of PaleontologistsQ Why is evolution important to us A One of the unifying threads in ancient history that help guide research in areas such as medicine to computer programming Evolution is constant happening now helps us understand why certain species respond to certain environments and climate change in certain ways and why us being humans we respond in certain waysHelps us understand the bacterial resistance to antibiotics Evolution is one of the key ideas to modern civilization We are experiencing the same environmental behaviors such as in the past however it was not brought upon in the past by humans and therefore in order to figure out what is happening today we must look at the past THE PRESENT IS THE KEY TO THE PASTEvolution in Greece before Darwin everyone in Greece believed that everything originated from air or water and every living thing had the desire from moving from the lowest to the highest finally becoming the divine Spontaneous Generation living things can appear fully formed from inorganic matter For ex Maggots came from rotten meat frogs from slime etc Kant species that had similarities appeared from the same ancestral source Erasmus Darwin believed that species could grow or kill their organs depending on how much and often they used them He stated that earth and species must have been evolving for millions of years before humans came along He also stated that life evolved from a single common ancestor He also stated that sexual selection and competition could create and cause changes in species Lamarck believed in the same theory as Darwin along with that species wanted to better adapt themselves to their environment and that an organism could pass its characteristics to its offspring acquired in its lifetime aka INHERITENCE OF ACQUIRED CHARACTERISTICS all evolutionary change is the sum of small changes over many generations that developed during lifetime of individual organisms due to changes in environmental conditions or needs of an organism Cuvier He was an expert on dinosaurs Theory of Catastrophism this held that there had been violent and sudden catastrophes such as great floods and the random formation of major mountain chains This resulted in plants and animals in those areas to be killed and new plants and animals to be formed and moved in from other areas OR geologic changes occur in large brief revolutions He compared fossils
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