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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1086F/G

Planet Satellite Facts Mars Phobos Tidally locked to Mars Closest natural satellite to any planet Shaped like a flattened loaf of bread Parallel grooves Will eventually crash into Mars Largest crater is called “Stickney” Possibly a captured satellite Diemos Tidally locked to Mars 3 times farther from Mars Smoother due to thick layers of dust Experienced collisions in the past Possibly a captured satellite Jupiter Callisto Outermost of the Galilean Satellites (the Possible internal layer of liquid water beneath outer layer of ice Galilean Heavily cratered Satellites) Never fully differentiated Ganymede Largest of Jupiter’s satellites Completely differentiated Only planetary satellite known to have a magnetic field N.B. heat from gravitational energy and radioactive decay important Possibility of life (salt ocean) Europa Mostly rock and metal Ice surface (often resurfaced) Influenced by Jupiter’s magnetic field Bombarded by energy particles because orbit is within Jupiter’s radiation Possibility of life (salt ocean) Io High density Iron core About 150 continually active volcanoes Suffers dramatic tides Extremely dry Saturn Titan Only satellite with its own atmosphere Appears to have continents and oceans (large continent called Xanadu) Something on the surface creating methane Sand dunes and impact craters Cryvolcanoes – emit cold water and ices Mimas Looks like the Death Star Huge impact crater Iapetus Enormous impact crater Large equatorial ridge Enceladus Phenomenally fast orbit Thought to be the source of the tenu
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