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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1086F/G
Matthew Heath

What is Science? “Knowledge about, or study of, the natural world bas on fats learned through experiments and observation.” Science Checklist 1. Focuses on aims explain aspects of the natural world. 2. Uses testable ideas 3. Relies on evidence (things you can see and touch) 4. Leads to other research 5. It (ideally) has no bias Scientific Policy How does a financial situation affect our society? The Scientific Method 1. Come up with a question (does it involve the natural world) 2. Background research (to make sure that you question has not already been answered) 3. Formulate a hypothesis (best educated guess of the result of the experiment) 4. Run an “experiment’to test you hypothesis 5. Interpret your results What is an experiment? - Tool for determining nature of a relationship between variables or how one variable directly influences another. - - Confirm r disconfirm hypothesis - Manipulate and observe the effects of a variable on another variable 1. Dependent 2. Independent Experiment variables Dependent Variable - The variable of interest - The outcome measure Independent variables - The variable that changes to explain differences in the dependent variable Experiment Variable Someone tells IOC president, Jacques Rooge that people react faster to a “go light” instead of a gunshot because light travels faster than sound. Research Evaluation
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