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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 2250Y
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Unit 1 Study Guide Chapter 1 and Chapter 2The Scientific Method Organization oMake Observations More and more observations will test a following hypothesisoFormTest HypothesisIf hypothesis is correct you move to develop a theory otherwise start over with observationsoFormTest TheoryStart making predictions for the end product through the theoryAfter successful testing it will be formed into a lawoLawIt will then be generally accepted as the proper explanation of the whole processTerminology oNatural Process Events that are directed by physical chemical and biological activity such as earthquakes volcanic eruptions hurricanes etcoNatural Hazard A Natural Process that becomes a potential threat to life or property oLocal Disaster Significant disruptions to local society and communities but the consequences are contained locallyoRegional Disaster Magnitude of disruption is something greater than a single city area might occupy and the consequences of the event are more widespread oRegional Catastrophe A disruption of sufficient magnitude that covers provinces states or even countrie
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