Economics 0011A/B Lecture 5: ECO101_Fall_2019_Midterm_1_Details_and_Coverage

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Published on 2 Aug 2020
ECO 101H1: Principles of Microeconomics Prof. Freitas, University of Toronto
MIDTERM 1: Details and Coverage
Test Weight Date Time Location
MIDTERM 1 23% Fri Oct 11 7:10 PM, 100 mins
Last Name Room
A-J EX 100
K-R EX 200
S -U EX 300
V -W EX 310
X -Z EX 320
Bring your T-card and a NON-graphing, NON-programmable calculator.
Topic coverage
Everything covered in class, lecture handouts, textbook, problem sets, homeworks, etc., for the
topics listed below is considered exam material. Consider them complements (not substitutes) in
helping you learn the material.
Chapters Topic Name
1 & 9 Thinking like an Economist
2,2 appendix & 8 (pgs 229-239) Grains from Trade
3 & 3 appendix Supply and Demand
6 & 6 appendix Elasticity
4 Surplus
Exam format
100 mins, 100 points (50 pts multiple choice, 50 pts short answer).
Bring PENCILS and erasers (and other writing implements). If you want to change your
answer on the multiple choice question, you can do so if you use a pencil, not a pen. We are
using Crowdmark for exams and your answer needs to fit in the space provided. If you use
a pen and need to correct your answers, you may run out of space.
Aids allowed: a non-graphing, non-programmable calculator. Please don’t ask me if your
calculator meets the criterion. Read the manual that comes with the calculator (google it if
you don’t have it) and check if your calculator has graphing and/or programming capabilities.
201909 1 of 2Midterm 1 Details and Coverage
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