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GEO 2143 Quiz 6- 2011.pdf

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Western University
Economics 2122A/B
Terry Biggs

Geography 2143b version 2 Name________________________ Quiz No. 6 Pick the BEST answer Student Number:________________________ April 5, 2011 29 marks total 1. 5IF▯&VSPQFBO▯SFTQPOTF▯UP▯UIFJS▯EFQFOEFODF▯PO▯3VTTJBO▯OBUVSBM▯HBT▯is a) refusal to pay until better contracts are signed b) move to convert entirely to electrical power c) use more oil d) support the building of new pipelines e) c and a 2. Which of the following lines best represents the trend in Russian oil production 3.Which of the following sequences portrays the correct order of 2006 per capita oil demand, highest to lowest a) Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, India b) USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India c) Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, India d) USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India e) USA, Saudi Arabia, India, Canada 4.Which of the following areas or countries provides the highest level of government support for biofuels a) USA b) Canada c) European Union d) Australia e) China 5. Which of the energy sources listed below is the most expensive in producing electricity a) onshore wind b) coal c) offshore wind d) (gas fired) natural gas e) reprocessed titanium ore 6.The country with the largest refining capacity in the world is a) Russia b) Saudi Arabia c) Kuwait d) China e) none of the above 7.The cheapest gasoline in the world can be found in a) Canada b) Venezuela c) Turkey d) China e) USA 8.The Forum of Gas Exporting Countries a) has the same membership as OPEC b) has Canada as a member c) has both Canada and the USA as members d) controls the price of natural gas e) none of the above 9.What is the projected trend for existing oil reserves to the year 2030 a) they will remain steady until 2030 b) existing reserves will have to be supplemented with new discoveries c) non-conventional shale oil will increase reserves by 50% when they come into production d) non-conventional coal to oil technology will increase reserves by 75% e) none of the above 10. Which of the following countries produces the largest number of barrels of oil a day a) Kuwait b) Venezuela c) United Arab Emirates d) Canada e) USA 11. Transport of crude oil out of Alberta is mainly by a) Great Lakes tankers b) rail tanker cars c) barge down the Athabasca River d) pipelines to Sarnia e) pipelines to USA 12. Which of the following countries has the largest remaining years of oil reserves at 2007 production rates a) Algeria b) Saudi Arabia c) Iraq d) Canada e) USA 13. OPEC has a) 16 members b) over 75% of the world=s known oil reserves c) absolute control over oil prices d) vast untapped oil reserves e) a, b and c 14. The single largest cost in the price of gasoline is a) price of crude oil b) cost of refining c) taxes d) distribution e) transportation 15. What countries are likely to lay claim to the arctic seabed for access to raw materials a) Russia, U
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