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Mechanics is the study of the effect of forces on a body (thing). The three branches of mechanics are: rigid body mechanics, statics: equilibrium of bodies that are at rest or moving with constant velocity, dynamics: bodies in accelerated motion, deformable body mechanics, fluid mechanics, incompressible, compressible. Particle: body of negligible dimensions: can be analyzed as a point, geo(cid:373)et(cid:396)(cid:455) is(cid:374)"t (cid:272)o(cid:374)side(cid:396)ed. By analyzing bodies as particles forces become concurrent meaning the forces intersect at a single point. Rigid body: stiff body with negligible deformations: parts of body fixed relative to each other, changes in shape are negligible, material properties not considered. Forces are not concurrent, meaning they do not intersect at a single point. If forces all affect the body at one point you can idealize it as a point but if the body faces forces in different areas idealize the body as a rigid body.

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