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Western University
English 2033E
Michelle Hartley

February 6, 2014 Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery - 1874-1942 - Edwardian, primarily, but Anne set in more Victorian era, at least residues there in Marilla’s emphasis on propriety in initial chapters - Marilla’s own upbringing Brought up my grandparents so older parents belong to Montgomery herself Self sacrifice of anne at end parallel to Montgomery Sentimental Fiction - Classic of orphan girl novel genre - Barnardo children as historical reality (british philanthropist arranged for adoption of a hundred thousand children. Were hoards of children put through ringer of charity. Acquired and accumulated in England then sent to homes. In recent years have been apologise to these children and their decedents. Virtually all exploited as cheap farm labour – was not unusual to see the children as a cheap pool of labour) Anne has been used as a nanny for Mrs. Thomas and Hammond. Her education has been as skimpy as her dresses. Did not go to school – too busy taking care of Hammonds 3 sets of twins. Social reality and Montgomery’s humorous take on it. Also drunken husbands. - Interesting bit of xenophobia that Marilla wants a Canadian-born child. Narrator often humorous commentary allow for greater range of readers. Montgomery makes it clear that everyone shocked when Marilla and Matthew accept the child. Montgomery gives us this world that is extremely prospered – everyone knows everyone’s business. Marilla has no other children for Anne to look after, needs no help in kitchen, want a boy on farm not acceptable to put Anne on farm – everyone in community suggests Anne has no purpose in Anne of Green Gables. Say maybe they could be use to her – everyone sees this as outlandish In some way, Anne’s happy ending chapter 6 – when Marilla allows her to stay at Green Gables. A text in some ways about finding home rather than home  away  home. In some ways about stabilizing home, about evolving home. Each chapter episodic – each has its own little climax. This is part of being a girls book. Lots of climaxes (sounds Freudian, it is... lol) Home, family, church, school – girl’s books. These are Anne’s trials. Treasure Island – cutting loose, Jim needs to prove self as a man. Anne needs to balance - needs of community and own personality. She becomes more and more quiet, less and less irritating and imaginative ove
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