English 1027F/G Study Guide - Final Guide: Narration, Diegesis, Metanarrative

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Mimesis: imitation of actions (when a poet adopts a persona to deliver a speech) Diegesis: recounting of actions (when a poet speaks in their own voice) Story: the events and actors from which the story is constructed; the raw data (fabula). The story is the unrealized set of events and actors; it is virtual; an ideal version presented chronologically & causally. Discourse: the ordering and selection of elements contained in the story (sjuz et). Narrative meaning is produced by the combination or interaction between story & discourse. Narrative: the meaningful product resulting from the interaction between story & discourse. Is the realized version of the story ordered and presented in a way that need not be the same as the story. Narrator: the one who narrates the story as represented within the text (distinct from the author or implied author) told in their perspective. Dramatized narrator: the narrator is a character in the text as well as the narrator. (nick.

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