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ENGLISH 1028G Final Chart

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English 1028F/G
Manina Jones

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ProgTitle Author Characters Plot Points Themes/Symbols Terms Heart of Joseph Marlow: sailor -Marlow takes job with company for trade in Congo Imperialism and Racism Imperialism, Quest Darkness Conrad Kurtz: -native inhabitants of region have been forced into -Kurtz is just as savage, even Narrative General Manager: company’s service, suffer from overwork and ill treatment though they originally were runs the Central -steamship sinks then waits for parts for repair civilizing the natives Station -Marlow and manager go with agents and cannibals up the -Africans are objects (ex. Helmsman Russian: river, coming across a hut with stacked firewood and a note is a “piece of machinery”) Kurtz “Intended” saying that the wood is for them but to use wisely -Africans a backdrop to Marlow Kurtz’s Mistress -ship is attacked by natives -dehumanization -Russian trader claims that Kurtz has established himself as -economic expansion a god with native and has gone on raids of surrounding -terra nullius (if a land is empty it territory in search of ivory has claim by the people who occupy -Kurtz is ill, has a native mistress who has influence over it) him -Kurtz ordered attack on steamer to make them believe he Insanity was dead and leave. Kurtz disappears, Marlow goes after -result of removal from one’s social him. context and allowed to be sole -Kurtz dies, gave message to M about arbiter of ones own actions exterminating/civilizing the brutes instead of being their god Last words of K: “the horror, the horror!” Women -intended and mistress are blank slates Quest Narrative -ivory trade Apocalypse Francis Benjamin Willard: -Willard ordered to terminate Kurtz, who has gone crazy Insanity Intermedial Adaptation Now Ford main character and committed murder -starts with Willard crazy, ends with -accessible and widely Coppola Walter Kurtz: -Kilgore supposed to escort them to mouth of Nung River similar insanity received by more captain gone bad -Chef searching for food, tiger jumps out at them he has -crew members are naïve to realities audiences Chief, Chef, Lance, nervous breakdown while crew shoots at what they think is of combat and lose sanity and Clean: boat’s Vietcong -Willard identifies with Kurtz at Imperialism crew -playboy scene results in chaos with soldiers some points -valuing American life Bill Kilgore: colonel -Clean shoots all peasants on boat that they search because a -freedom from societal constraints more than Vietnamese that is also a bit woman made a sudden move, they were innocent and she results in insanity/savagery crazy was looking for a puppy. He is later killed when the PBR Voice Over Narration, attacked Film Cross Cutting -natives shoot arrows at the boat, chief is impaled with a spear -Kurtz’s camp has dead bodies. Kurtz imprisons Willard, kills Chef, then sets Willard free to roam the compound -Willard kills Kurtz with machete. When Willard emerges, the natives acknowledge him as their new leader/god. Then he returns to the boat. The Homer Odysseus -10 years after fall of Troy, Odysseus still hasn’t returned to Epic Odyssey Suitors Ithaca -understand that the story Penelope -Calypso imprisons him on her island, Ogygia, because she was structured around the Telemachus: son loves him traditional algorithm that Antinous: one of -Athena wants to help Telemachus is an epic suitors, plans to kill -Hermes persuades Calypso to let Odysseus build a ship to Tel. leave, he does so Illusion, Epic Story, Oral Calypso: nymph -Posiedon sends storm to wreck his ship since Od. blinded Tradition, Composite Eurycleia: his son (Cyclops) Authorship, Narrative Odysseus’ nurse -Odysseus rests at Scheria with Phaeacians Structure, Episodic - tells them of his trip to Lotus Eaters, Battle with Cyclops, Narrative, Epithet, love affair with Circe, temptation by Sirens, journey to Translation, Narrative Hades to see Tiresias, and fight with sea monster Scylla Voice, Heroic Action, -Odysseus disguised as a beggar, reveals himself to son and Heroic Discourse, plans to massacre suitors and regain control Embedded Stories, -Penelope suspects that he is suitor, sets up archery contest to prove true identity Nostos: everything aims Book 1 toward goal of his return -begins 10 years after the fall of Troy - Odysseus is on the island of Ogygia with the goddess , Philoxenia, Epithet, Calypso Philoxenia, Quest - Narrative, Oral Storytelling Episodic Narrative -orients time and space Myth -Gods: Athena, Poseidon -Polyphemus (Cyclops) The Margaret Penelope: wife of - Penelope is in Hades, unhappy about being misunderstood Perspective Illusion, Metafiction, Penelopiad Atwood Odysseus - she DID recognize Odysseus upon his return, but thought - validity of the storyteller is Myth, Mythos, Bathos, Odysseus she should flatter his ego by playing along questioned Narrative Point of View, Helen: Penelope’s - she downplays her husbands heroism Satire, Course, cousin - Penelope had ordered the maids to be her eyes and ears Telemachus: son among the suitors for her and Odysseus’ benefit, but Burlesque: chorus Odysseus murders them in the end Mennipean Satire, Parody -offers alternate point of view -questions validity of original text Satire, Chorus, Frame Stories, Woman’s Question Wide Jean Antoinette – based Narrator – Antoinette in Part One; Rochester for most of Slavery and entrapment Woman’s Question, Sargasso Rhys on Bertha, Creole Part Two except for a scene narrated by Antoinette; Grace -A is doomed to form of Imperialism Sea girl Poole and then Antoinette in Part Three enslavement in her love and Annette – The time of the story takes place after the Emancipation Act dependency upon Rochester Gothic Antoinette’s mother of 1833, which freed black slaves. -the whole novel gives voice to Rochester Annette’s friend Mr. Luttrell shoots his dog and swims out marginalized and silenced Christophine to sea. Antoinette finds her mother’s horse dead under a tree -rename, denies her heritage Mr. Mason (poisoned). Antoinette’s mom goes crazy. Pierre (younger Aunt Cora brother) is sick. Madness Alexander Cosway Antoinette lives at Coulibri Estate, her only friend Tia turns -inherits from her mother and father Amelie against her unexpectedly calling A’s fam poor and trashy. -paranoia, pushed into childlike Sandi Cosway Throwing rock at her later. serviture and feminine docility Daniel Cosway Mr. Mason asked to marry Annette Richard Mason Mr. Mason has an estate restored, buys new servants Colonialism Tia - Freed black slave protest outside the house, set the house on The authority of a literary canon and Pierre – Antoinette’s fire - Pierre is badly hurt and dies later. the ability to rewrite or reframe younger brother Bird flying but on fire, dies. histories Mr. Luttrell – Annette’s madness has fully surfaced after the trauma, The meeting of European and Afro Annette Cosway’s thrusts Antoinette away from her. Her mother dies. – Caribbean values friend; estate that A enrolls in convent school, bullied, places her in custody neighbours the of student Louise de Plana. Fire Cosway home She dreams about a forest and faceless man who she -frames the novel Baptiste – sevants at follows. Granbois PART 2 Godfrey – old - Rochester and Antoinette marry. Cosway servant - Rochester was paid to marry Antoinette to be independent Sass – servant who from his father. Doesn’t love her, lusts. leaves estate when - she cries when he shows tenderness to her Annette’s money - Daniel Cosway warns R about A. A fights with Amelie runs out (servant) and then tears up bed with scissors. Grace Poole – - Antoinette bolts door. People all think she crazy servant who looks - Christophine gives A a love potion, after Antoinette - Roch visits Dan C, tells him that Christophine is evil, that Antoinette slept with Sandi - A asks R why he hates her, he lies and tells her he just worries about her. She tries to tell him her life story, he starts calling her Bertha. - R is sick, thinks he’s been poisoned. Amelie cares for him, they sleep together. An leaves, they fight. - R wants to make Antoinette his mad woman. Go 2 england PART 3 -R locks her up. Grace Pool supposed to never speak of her -Grace telling her that her half-bro visited her and she attacked him. -she dreams about fire, wakes up, and want
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