English 2200F/G Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Vishvarupa, Mimesis

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Censor the arts, artists lie to us. Rules of tragedy (plot is more important than character) Mimesis (representation) is natural to us because that"s how we learn. Gave definitions for terms involving the arts. Gives practical writing advice for how to be a successful writer/audience pleaser. Make writing pleasing and realistic (fiction shouldn"t be too out there) Sublimity is about elevation not extension (vertical vs. horizontal) Expressive theory of lit. over mimetic (reality shaped by artist vs. art represents reality) You have to overlook the faults in geniuses because their mistakes don"t compare to their accomplishments. Philip sidney a defense of poesie 1554-1586. Defends dignity of poet, answers objections against poetry and examines state of english literature. History can only look at what happened, philosophy on what could happen: poetry can do both. history doesn"t teach morals, philosophy is too abstract.

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