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Study Guides for English 2307E at Western University

Major British Authors

English 2307E Study Guide - Midterm Guide: John Stuart Mill, Literary Theory

Feminist Literary Theory 01132015 Tuesday, January 13 2015 Questions to think about during readings What kind of questions does she ask Whats her thesis What methods does she use How does she position her method in relatio...

English 2307E
Ingrid L.Stefanovic
English 2307E Final: American Literature Master Notes.docx

American Literature Master Notes The Man Of The Crowd – Edgar Allen Poe Epigraph: “this great misfortune, of not being able to be alone” Unnamed illness, author and coffee shop = anonymity in an urban environment Plot...

English 2307E
Tamara Kelly
English 2307E Study Guide - Final Guide: Ingeld, Simile, Mother 3

Beowulf Context - Old English poetic use of alliteration – See p.24 of Norton volume A for longer explanation - Epic/heroic poem criteria: Long verse narrative on a serious subject, told in formal and elevated style, ...

English 2307E
Peter Thoms
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