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Environmental Science
Environmental Science 1021F/G
Geoff Stewart

What is the environmentAll biotic and abiotic factors external factors that act on an organism population or ecological community Biotic factors organisms their food and their interactions aliveAbiotic factors sunlight soil air water climate and pollution not aliveThe biotic and abiotic factors influence survival and development Ecology What do you need to know about your household Whats important And why Parallel in the larger OikosBusiness as usual not precautionary principleIs something actually wrong What is the impact Canshould anything be done Prevention Whos responsiblePrecautionary PrincipleAny policy or action to be taken that has the potential to harm the public or the environment and there is no scientific consent that it wont cause harm then it is up to who ever takes action to ensure by evidence that it doesnt cause harmClimate change is seen as a major problem in scientific community but not to general publicWho is responsible whowho should deal with it Important environmental issues What is important Why is it important How do you decide what matters moreImportant environmental issues such asGas pollution etcImportant environmental issues are often determined and influenced byPrevailing social attitudes and dominant groupsHegemonic powera position held by a state or class when it so dominates its sphere of operation that other states or classes are forced to comply with its wishes Flint and Taylor 2007Eg political group in powerCultural practices traditions values and educationPriorities and WorldviewsParadigm pattern or model or concept of how something is viewedParadigm shifthow a set of theories or hegemonic set of ideas gives way to another over timeParadigms shiftsshift of one idea or a set of ideas to anotherShifts happen continuously ie when from earth being flat to notoften driven by science TWO BASIC GROUPS Individualcentred or AtomisticHuman centred anthropocentric or life centred biocentric2 Earth Centred or HolisticEcosystem or ecosphere centredEcocentric Anthropocentric WorldviewPlanetary worldview humancentred Western industrialpostindustrial Four themes 1 DualismHumans are separate from nature 2 HierarchyHumans are most important 3 UtilityNature as a resource for humans intrinsic vs instrumental value 4 StewardshipHumans in charge of taking care of nature for other species and generationsInstrumental valuevalue of something based on how it is communicatedPlace in history th 18 century secular individualismBasis of French and American revolutionsUnderstanding controlling and managing the planet for our benefit means success Assumption Economic growth is good and unlimitedHealthy environment depends on healthy economyEarths resources are unlimited and indefinitely renewable with science and technology Biocentric WorldviewWe need the earth the earth does not need usEarths resources are limited and to be sustainably used by all species intrinsic value
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