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Western University
Environmental Science
Environmental Science 1021F/G
Doug Hazlewood

Zad Mangat Environmental Issues 1021F - Huron - section 551 Deforestation on Habitat Loss Some say the world’s environment is a perfect place and some say it is not. Due to environmental issues habitat loss is occurring every single day. There are many different issue causing this topic to be one of the top issues in the world today. There are many subtopic causing this issue which are mining, climate change, deforestation and many others (Klappenbach, n.d). Deforestation is all about cutting down forests to make the land for another use (Szalay, 2013). Deforestation is to make and build houses, crop, urbanization and much more. This has been going and still on going for more than 50 years (Szalay, 2013). It just not happening in one country but many other country likes Brazil, Thailand,Africa, Indonesia and the list can go on and on. But when cutting down forests, how many species live in the forest? How many species will you kill when you destroy their homes? About seventy percent of plants and animals live in forests and due to deforestation, they have no where else to live or they are dead. There are many animals and plants we have not seen or herd of before since the loss of habitat can lead to extinction (Szalay, 2013). Solutions have been made to deforestation which helped habitat loss. Areas have been banned where worker can no cut the forest down due to the law (Rules, n.d). I think this is a good start since animals have feelings just as much as we do. Deforestation is an environmental issue that has been around for more than 50 years. When forest at disappearing fast so if the life of the habitat since seventy percent of plants and animals live in forests. InAmerica, Asian, andAfrican tropics, forest loss is from an average of 15.4 million ha of tropical forest is destroyed every year (Laurance, 1999). With that many millions of ha being destroyed, many animals have died or lost their homes due to deforestation. 1 Workers need to take a step back and think about not just cutting the forest down but how many animals live in that environment. Animals have feels just as must we humans do and when we destroy their homes that is our fault. Every animal is different and when they go extinct they will never come back on this earth again. Habitat loss is the greatest threat to life on this planet. It i
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