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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
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Film AudioOctober 23Lecture 1938 Audio had an uneasiness to itThere is a feeling that something is not right A critic Two mediums of audio and visual are competing not complimenting Audio prepares spectator for visuals to come Audio gave film depth three dimensional new realism It can also be supernatural and theatrical exaggerated Artificial AudioThe Birds Electronic synthesizer to distort the natural recordings of bird song Blackmail by Hitchchock lead females voice was not seen as fitting so she has a British sound double Uncanny separation of body and sound And expressionist exaggerating words that reminded female protagonist of her own guilt Knife knife knife SuperImposition audio in Apocalypse Now The soundtrack of a film consists of three elements VoiceMusicSound effects Is sound objective subjective or AN EVENT Sound properties can change from person to person Sound can change according to pervieved distance Loudness pitch and timbre are all subjective If sound comes out of the story of the film it is a diagetic sound If the sound comes from a source that comes outside of the film world it is nondiagetic In most cases if the characters hear the sound it is diagetic As well as onscreen and offscreen sound and internal and external diagetic sound An example of nondiagetic sound is the jazz music playing in the middle of a dessert with that black cowboy When a voice is coming from a characters mind it is known as a voice off or a voice over Contrapoutlesound or music that goes against the grain of the image Exactly what we wouldnt expect to hear History of SoundGoes back to the term of melodrama Trace it back to opera and ancient greek theatre Also has historical roots in melodrama Music was a way of expressing inexpressible emotions The Jazz Singer 1927 has blackface Talked about sound as a realist aestheticFox also produced Hallelujah which associated black people with stereotypical song and danceSound was first recorded onto sound cylinders It wasnt until the 1920s that sound was integrated onto the sound strip itself Before this they were separated This is referred to as synchronizing sound Film Audio Tutorial Work out the paradoxical film How does the film represent transition into sound How does the film represent emotions on and off screen How much are they dependent in Hollywood on a machine that is usually not shownThe self reflective quality of musicalsIntegrated musical and the backstage musical1 Integrated musical is that the story is told through the music 2 Backstage musical is about putting on a musical kind of thing Musicals are pleasurable because they transform every day situations and objects into something not governed by instrumental logic They interrupt linear time through song and dance numbers to create situations that are governed by poetic and more physical logic In this respect they are uptopian and could represent the critique of capitalist work ethic Or are musicals pure escapism Is liking or disliking musical gendered High art vs low art Exposing the ridiculousness of cinema How does the film represent silent film and the transition into soundProblems with early sound technology microphone placement problemsNeed for more complex dialogue screen playsSynchronization problemsChange in acting style less theatrical Discrepancy between visual and audioMovies were becoming more static Lina was fixed in her chair she wasnt supposed to move Changes in blocking Jane Fauer transition into sound and film happens too fast All of the sound films represented in the move have elaborate moving camera affects which is characteristic of the 50s not 20s woops Vocals were never recorded live and Kathy would have never been given credit Where does Singin In The Rain demystify technology It explicitly tells us how a movie is made on the stage The seamlessness of A Broadway Melody remystifies us Film Lecture The Conversation Film was never silent Thats just a myth There were showman who introduced sound such as lightening thunder and sound as early as the 1890sEdison who invented the phonograph was also a key mover in film technologyFilm pioneer Phonograph is realist sound device Prior to the birth of the cinematograph Edison already experimented with sound in film
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