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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
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1Gender IWomen in HollywoodSearching for Debra Winger2002Film is told from a female perspectivePersonal presence is threaded throughout the filmPersonal is political When power is based on gender difference the personal life becomes involved2Behind the Camera stats for 20053Documentary StyleDebra has insider access from being an actor herself4FamilyWork For women to beunapologeticallypassionate about theirwork for the rest oftheir livesthat feelspretty new Holly HunterAddresses the issue of it not being possible to be successful actor and mother at the same time5Gender Performance Gender is not always constituted coherently orconsistently in different historical contextsitbecomes impossible to separate out genderfrom the political and cultural intersections inwhich it is invariably produced and maintainedJudith Butler Gender Trouble Gender is not to culture as sex is to nature gender is culturally constructed it is neither thecasual result of sex nor as seemingly fixed assex Judith Butler Gender TroubleHollywood polices very strict gender roles and referencesSchizophrenic relationship with women in Hollywood
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